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Passengers can now hold their reservation with the United Airlines FareLock feature, available online and on mobile applications. Purchase this feature to lock a seat for a set price up to a specific period before finalizing the tickets. Meanwhile, use the additional time to make travel plans, decide on the budget, or make other necessary arrangements without worrying about the flight prices. 

Of course, some terms and conditions lay out the use of United FareLock. Check out this page to fully understand the function of this feature and its attached benefits. 

How does the United Airlines FareLock work?

Firstly, please understand that this service is available only on selected itineraries. So, you may not see this feature pop up on your screen when making the reservation. Now, what United Airlines does is let you choose the feature “FareLock” while making a reservation. It will come for a price. Once you purchase it, the airline will let you secure a flight price for a limited time, two weeks maximum. 

Some Terms and Conditions That You Must Know

Everything has certain restrictions and guidelines attached to it. Similarly, the fare lock feature on United Airlines has laid out preconditions for users. Peruse the following points to be entirely sure you are comfortable with the service terms and conditions.

  • This service is available for purchase on United and United Express flights. 
  • The airline charges a fee per ticket, which is nonrefundable. 
  • Passengers have to pay the FareLock price separately as it is not included in the ticket price. 
  • Passengers can purchase the ticket anytime before the hold period expires. 
  • If the ticket remains, the airline has the right to cancel the reservation.  
  • However, if a passenger cancels the ticket, the airline will not refund the price of buying the premier access. 
  • The airline’s 24-hour policy is applicable to tickets purchased after using the FareLock feature. 

Perks Of FareLocking Flights On United

There are many benefits of locking a flight fare in advance, especially when you want to save yourself some time for itinerary planning. It gives you ample time before being 100% sure of purchasing the flight. In addition to this, the United Airlines FareLock service comes with the following added benefits. 

  • Hold Reservation For More Than a Week

When you purchase the ticket and put it in a FareLock option, you hold it for a fixed duration. The period can vary depending on your travel planning and other requirements. Generally, United Airlines lets you hold a ticket for 3, 7, or 14 days, enough time to make other arrangements. 

  • Fare Price Guarantee

During the lock period, the airline guarantees the ticket price will not go up. The price at which you locked the ticket will be the same when you finally purchase it. It is one of the many reasons why passengers use this service. To reserve the best-priced ticket in advance before making the final travel plans. 

  • Reservation Guarantee

United Airlines assures you that tickets will not be sold out through the stated period. One seat will always be kept for passengers who have reserved flights with FareLock. However, this is guaranteed only up to the last date of the hold period. After that, there is no surety of the seat you locked earlier. 

  • Enable Auto-Pay Option

The service enables you to set up an auto-pay date for purchasing the ticket. You can select the date during the initial process of buying the FareLock feature. The amount will automatically debit from your credit card on the selected date. So, if you have a terrible memory, remember to enable the auto-pay option.   

Buying FareLock Online On United Airlines

You can purchase FareLock on United Airlines’ official website and mobile application. It will show up on the screen when you start booking the tickets. The procedure is the same as purchasing a flight; there are just some changes here and there. Follow the points below to reserve your desired flight for a specific price. 

  1. Select Flight

Start as usual by entering the flight origin, destinations, and travel dates and choosing the preferable ticket. Afterward, fill out the traveler information page before selecting the FareLock option. You can purchase it and hold the previous fare chosen for a couple of days or a week. 

  1. Check the Terms and Conditions

Stop between the procedures and review the terms and conditions before purchasing the United FareLock service. Check the hold duration, its expiration date, and other restrictions such as fee refundability, change, cancellation, and more. When you are ready, proceed to the next step. 

  1. Get The FareLock Service

Purchase the FareLock service by paying the asked amount, depending on your selected route and hold duration. The next page will load the available payment method. You can also use your credit card to pay for the service. Once the payment is made, your fare is locked and secured for the guaranteed time. 

  1. Purchase The Hold Ticket

As you already know, you can purchase the fare anytime between the hold duration. To finalize it, click on the “My Trips” section and select the relevant option to secure your locked fare before expiration. 

If you want to make changes to your ticket or cancel the reservation, please do so before the hold period expires. The airline sends guests an automated email reminder regarding the same a day before the last date. 

How Much Does United FareLock Costs? Is it Worth Paying?

United FareLock Fee

Overall, the United FareLock feature is a great option for passengers needing more time to plan their trip. The airline charges a fee per flight per person of $6, $9, and $13 for 3, 7, and 14 days, respectively, which is quite reasonable to hold a seat in advance. These prices can go up depending on the nature of flights, and you might have to reconsider purchasing them. 

However, the feature is still very useful in some situations. For instance, if you’re booking a flight ticket that is only a couple of days away, you can use the feature to lock the best price and seal it for a limited time. If you are not yet ready to purchase the flight and want to research more, fare locking would be very convenient. 

FAQs – Passenger Help Section

How does United FareLock work?

The FareLock feature works by reserving a flight ticket for a fixed price up to a specific hold duration. 

What if the price goes down on United FareLock?

If the price goes down, passengers can simply cancel the ticket before the hold expiry and rebook the ticket at a cheaper price. 

How long does FareLock last?

Passengers are able to lock fares for up to three, seven, or two weeks for a specific fee, depending on the selected flight and duration. 

How long can I hold my flight reservation without paying?

You can reserve your seat without purchasing the flight up to the last date of the hold period. For example, if you choose a 3-day period, you will have to buy the ticket on the third day, or else the airline will cancel the reservation. 

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