Best Labor Day Flight Deals You Don’t Want To Miss

Labor Day Flight Deals

With Labor Day approaching, people everywhere might consider getting deals to make their weekend trip more enjoyable and money-saving. Airlines are all set for Labor Day by offering great discounts on flights. Whether you need your getaway to be somewhere like a beach, explore a new city, or have a peaceful time in the mountains, you can enjoy them with good deals on your hands.

Airlines might be offering attractive deals on international destinations. Reading this article will fill you with all the information regarding Labor Day flight deals. Let’s uncover discounts and highlight unique destinations that fit your budget. Continue reading to get it all.

When is Labor Day in 2024?

Labor Day is celebrated on the first Monday of September every year in the United States. This year, 2024, Labor Day will be on Monday, September 2nd. Airlines release flight deals a few months before the holiday, so you can expect to see Labor Day flight deals starting around June or July. 

Where To Find Labor Day Flight Deals?

When discussing Labor Day in the US, it’s usually a long weekend, so finding deals on flights can be confusing. You can get to know about deals with the help of the section below:

  • Search Websites– These websites, like Google Flights, Kayak, etc., allow you to search for flights from many airlines simultaneously. Travelers can even set price alerts to receive notifications if the price of a flight they’re interested in goes down.
  • Airline websites– You get to see many airlines that will promote their Labor Day deals on their official websites. You must sign up for email updates from your preferred airlines to get notified about their latest deals.
  • Travel Websites– Passengers can search many travel websites that specialize in finding and sharing travel deals, including flight deals.

Airlines Offering Labor Day Flights Deals

If you are planning your upcoming flight and want to save money and know which airlines serve Labor Day deals, stop seeking. Here’s a list of airlines that offer Labor Day flight deals mentioned below:

AirlinePossibility of Labor Day Deals
American AirlinesHigh
Frontier AirlinesHigh
United AirlinesHigh
Spirit AirlinesMedium
Delta Air LinesHigh
Southwest AirlinesHigh
JetBlue AirwaysHigh
Alaska AirlinesMedium
Hawaiian AirlinesLow
Sun Country AirlinesMedium
Allegiant AirMedium
Qatar AirwaysLow
Etihad AirwaysLow
Singapore AirlinesLow
Cathay Pacific AirwaysLow
Korean AirLow
Japan AirlinesLow
Air CanadaHigh

Top Locations To Visit During Labor Day Weekend

Before making sure of the place you want to visit for your Labor Day vacation, check out the best places to visit this weekend and also know what kind of season you will witness at Labor Day weekend. Chcek out the list below:

Acadia National Park, MaineFall
Atlantic City, New JerseySummer
Austin, TexasFall
Cape Cod, MassachusettsFall
Charleston, South CarolinaSummer
Chicago, IllinoisFall
Colorado Rockies, ColoradoFall
Dollywood, TennesseeFall
Finger Lakes Region, New YorkFall
Gatlinburg, TennesseeFall
Glacier National Park, MontanaFall 
Grand Canyon National Park, ArizonaSummer 
Great Smoky Mountains National ParkFall
Las Vegas, NevadaSummer 
Mackinac Island, MichiganFall
Myrtle Beach, South CarolinaSummer
Nashville, TennesseeFall
Newport, Rhode IslandFall
New Orleans, LouisianaSummer
New York City, New YorkFall
Niagara Falls, New YorkFall
Ocean City, MarylandSummer
Outer Banks, North CarolinaSummer
Portland, MaineFall
Put-in-Bay, OhioSummer
San Diego, CaliforniaSummer
San Francisco, CaliforniaSummer
Seattle, WashingtonFall
Virginia Beach, VirginiaSummer
Yellowstone National Park, WyomingFall

Ideal Time To Reserve Flights For Labor Day Weekend Trip

If you want to grab the best Labor Day deals, follow what we have mentioned below. 

  • Domestic Flights—The best time to book a domestic flight is between 45 and 60 days before Labor Day.
  • International Flights—If you’re considering an international trip, plan early. Book at least 60 days to get the best deals on international flights.

Tips To Get Best Labor Day Flight Deals

Get the best deals for your Labor Day weekend holiday vacation with some of the best tips. We’ll tell you how to get low flight prices & grab incredible savings on your trip.

  • It’s best to be very workable with your travel time and dates. Even a day earlier or later can save money.
  • Search all the websites within your search range. Compare the prices and ensure that you get the best ticket price.
  • Book early, around two months before Labor Day, to avoid high-end ticket prices. 
  • You can even track the prices & sign up for alerts to know when prices change.
  • Consider budget airlines like Southwest or Ryanair for cheaper tickets.
  • Look for more deals and sales from airlines and travel websites. You can even sign up for their official website to receive emails or app notifications when you are updated.
  • Try searching for one-way tickets instead of round trips, which can be cheaper sometimes.
  • You can even consider flying into smaller airports near your destination city.
  • Buy flights for one person at a time, as it’s cheaper than booking all together.
  • Sometimes, airlines accidentally offer cheap deals. You must get them before they are long gone till the next labor day deal.
  • Packaging lightweight luggage is always a good idea to avoid extra baggage fees.


In conclusion, Labor Day weekend is a great time to plan a good vacation at a discount. Airlines offer excellent deals on flights, both domestically and internationally. This article covers everything: when to expect the deals, where to find them, and how to get the best prices. By planning everything with the tips and information mentioned above, you can have the perfect Labor Day vacation without hurting your budget.

Commonly Asked Questions (FAQs)

When do Labor Day flight deals are available?

Labor Day falls on the Monday of every year in September. Airlines release their flight deals for Labor Day weekend travel at least 2-3 months in advance. So you can expect them to air around June or July.

Where can I find Labor Day weekend flight deals?

Several places offer Labor Day weekend flight deals. You can check the official website of your preferred airline and even travel deal websites. Signing up for email alerts from airlines you like can also be helpful.

Can I get more affordable days to fly for Labor Day weekend?

Flying on weekdays is more affordable than weekend travel to get flight deals on Labor Day.

Are there any destinations that become cheaper to fly to for Labor Day?

Domestic destinations have more Labor Day deals than international ones. You can even consider places with beaches, mountains, or cities with events happening over the long weekend.

What are some tips for finding the best Labor Day flight deals?

To get the best deals, be flexible with dates and timings. Consider cheaper nearby airports. 

Should I book a roundtrip flight or separate one-way flights?

Sometimes, one-way flights on different airlines can be cheaper than a roundtrip on one airline. 

What are some things to consider besides the flight price?

Consider baggage fees, change fees, and travel times when comparing deals. Non-stop flights might be more expensive, but they do save time.

What if I miss the best Labor Day flight deals?

If you missed the deal, you might have that last chance. Airlines might offer surprise discounts closer to Labor Day, but they’re less common. If flights get too expensive, consider taking a bus or train instead.

Is it worth booking a hotel or rental car along with the flight?

Some travel websites offer flight + hotel packages that might be cheaper than booking separately. Compare prices to see if you get a better deal booking individually.

What should I do once I book my Labor Day flights?

Once you have booked your deal, review the airline confirmation carefully & note any baggage fees or restrictions. You can then book your hotel and rental car in advance.

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