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Flights From Pittsburgh To Europe

Are you bored of your everyday life at Steel City? Do you need a change of scenery? Or do you simply have a work business to attend to in the eastern hemisphere? For whatever reason you are looking for direct flights from Pittsburgh, the answer lies in this article. An ultimate European getaway is only a blog away. 

Pittsburgh International Airport, with the IATA code PIT in the western downtown, serves the city in Pennsylvania, US. More than a dozen carriers operate in this airport, out of which two main international flag carriers, British Airways and Icelandair, are the main vessels that can get you to Europe. Get to the details below!

British Airways: Pittsburgh to England

It has been around five years since the flag carrier of the United Kingdom had its Boeing 787 maiden flight from PIT to LHR. Every week, six direct flights take off from Pittsburgh International Airport in the direction of Heathrow Airport in London. These are all direct flights of an approximate duration of 7 hours 35 minutes. 

Passengers who tend to fly for the itinerary can head to the Landside terminal for their check-in before proceeding to Concourse C inside the Airside terminal for their boarding through the C59. The locations as mentioned earlier, may change from time to time, depending on various factors. Refer to your boarding passes and tickets for reliable information. 

DEPARTUREPittsburgh International Airport (PIT)
ARRIVALHeathrow Airport (LHR)
DESTINATIONLondon, England
DURATION7 hours and 35 minutes
OPERATIONSAll year round
AIRCRAFTBA0170 (Boeing 787 jet)
PRICEStarting at $760

Icelandair: PIT to KEF

Icelandair is Iceland’s national air carrier, and it has just begun its services at Pittsburgh International Airport. Round-trip airfares start at $439 and have been on sale since the beginning. The direct flights from PIT to the Reykjavík–Keflavík International Airport operate only seasonally. The fast and spacious aircraft that flies to and from Pittsburgh and the capital of Iceland is called BOEING 737 MAX 8. 

Trace Viking history, enjoy the geothermal spa at Blue Lagoon, and chase breathtaking waterfalls this summer. You can purchase tickets to experience Iceland’s midnight sun and northern lights almost every alternate day of the week.  

DEPARTUREPittsburgh International Airport (PIT)
ARRIVALReykjavík–Keflavík International Airport (KEF)
DESTINATIONGreater Reykjavík Area, Iceland
DURATION5 hours 55 minutes
NUMBER OF FLIGHTS per weekAlternative days
PRICEfrom $498

Connecting Flights to Popular European Destinations

Connecting Flights to Popular European Destinations

 Since there are only two Pittsburgh direct flights to European destinations, travelers may wonder about the ways of getting to the other famous locations on the continent. So, here is the list of a few common itineraries to the stations for which travelers seek flights from PIT.

To Paris:

City of Love is a venue of boulevards, book stalls, art galleries, rich culture, and mouth-watering delights. If you seek an escape from the bridges and industrial backdrop of Pittsburgh, Paris is perfect. Here are the connecting flights of the major airlines you can book at the most affordable prices.

Iceland Air10 hours 30 minutesKEF$1,045
Air Canada- United9 hours 40 minutesYUL$1339
JetBlue9 hours 34 minutesBOS$1584
United- Brussels Airlines10 hours 12 minutesIAD$1491

To London:

You already know that British Airways can take you to LHR directly within 8 hours. However, just in case you can not find a direct flight, here is a list of alternative airlines that offer connecting flights between Pittsburgh and London. 

Delta- Virgin Atlantic, KLM 10 hours 54 minutesJFK$758
Air Canada-United10 hours 5 minutesYUL$760
United- Austrian9 hr 56 minEWR$764

To Amsterdam:

Known for its beautiful canals and uniquely picturesque urban landscape, the capital of the Netherlands is an excellent destination for your vacation this year. Approximately 14.6 million tourists visit Amsterdam on an annual basis. Since there are no direct flights from PIT to Amsterdam Airport Schiphol (AMS), you can consider the following connecting flights. 

Icelandair10 hr 25 minKEF$600
United- Lufthansa10 hr 42 minIAD$760
Air Canada- Lufthansa, United12 hoursYYZ$761

To Barcelona:

The scenery of Barcelona ranges from sandy beaches and mountains to the countryside and buzzing nightlife. United Airlines offers flights via YUL and EWR to Josep Tarradellas Barcelona–El Prat Airport (BCN) at reasonable airfares. Connecting flights from Pittsburgh International Airport can serve you a good purpose. 

Air Canada-United12 hours 15 minutesYUL$994
United10 hours 50 minutesEWR$998

To Dublin:

The diverse culture, rich wine, and exquisite museums in this medieval city are worth all your money. You can catch a flight from Pittsburgh International Airport to Dublin Airport via connecting flights with JetBlue, United and Delta Air Lines. The duration may exceed 9 hours, but the round tickets are not as expensive as they may seem. Here’s what we know!

JetBlue9hours 12 minutesBOS$934
United- Lufthansa12hours 34 minutesIAD$1,130
Air Canada- Lufthansa, United10 hours 55 minutesYYZ$1,131
Delta-KLM11hours 9 minutesATL$1,170

To Lisbon:

Humberto Delgado Airport, or LIS, serves as the landing station for connecting United and KLM flights from PIT. Relish in the rich hospitality and world-class architecture of Lisbon is the eye-catching feature of its tourism. As the capital of Portugal, it is a perfect display of its vibrant culture and art. 

United11 hr 10 minEWR$1,049
Delta- KLM, Virgin Atlantic14 hr 45 minJFK$1,052

Why go for direct flights out of Pittsburgh?

As you have come this far, you must have understood why choosing Pittsburgh direct flights to European nations is a better option. The most important aspect of scrutinizing and planning a trip is to check the availability of transport that is not only fast but also economical. 

  • Time-Saving

With no layovers in sight, you reduce the time spent between the transits. Passengers often get frustrated waiting at the airport for the next connecting flight to be set for arrival. Layovers not only become time-consuming but also hectic inside large airport terminals. 

  • Unaffected by delays and Cancelations

Flight delays in direct itineraries are a one-time problem. You can easily book another flight and request a refund when the period extends. However, during connecting itineraries, if the first flight is delayed, there is a major chance of missing the next connection flight as well. Furthermore, you may also face issues with refunds. 

  • More Convenient

When you minus the transit part of your journey, you are free from the hassles of catching the next flight on time. As the flight drops you exactly to your desired location within the stipulated time, you do not have to wait, anticipate its schedule, or worry about getting your luggage on time for the next flight. 

Flyers Also Ask

Does Pittsburgh have any international flights?

Yes. Five International itineraries operate at the PIT International Airport, including flights to European countries, Canada, and Mexico.  

Which days does British Airways fly from Pittsburgh to London?

British Airways operates at least one flight every day from PIT to LHR. 

Where does British Airways fly nonstop from Pittsburgh?

The flag carrier of the UK flies to London when it takes off from Pittsburg’s landing strip. 

What type of plane is British Airways from Pittsburgh to London?

British Airways uses BA0170 (Boeing 787 jet) for its journey from PIT to LHR. 

Are there direct flights from Pittsburgh to Europe?

Yes. There are two Pittsburgh Airport direct flights. One flies to London, while the other operates seasonally to Iceland.

How many hours does it take to fly from Pittsburgh to London?

British Airways flight from Pittsburgh International Airport to London Heathrow International Airport takes about 7 hours and 35 minutes. 

How long is it from Pittsburgh to Iceland?

The PIT to KEF journey was completed within 5 hours and 55 minutes. 

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