Do Alaska Airlines Miles Expire?

Do Alaska Airlines Miles Expire

Almost all airlines offer loyalty programs to their frequent flyers, and passengers also happily accept them. Alaska is not any different! It has a thorough Mileage Plan with comprehensive terms and conditions and loads of perks. Generally speaking, Alaska Airlines miles do not expire. However, there are some criteria that one should fulfill in order to retail their miles for an infinite period of time. 

Alaska Miles Expiration: Rundown

Alaska Miles Expiration

“Never” is a good answer to the question, “When do Alaska Airlines miles expire?” However, you must know that the airline holds the right to freeze your account in case of no activity for twenty-four months (2 years). This is usually due to security reasons.

Active Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan program:

Two main actions decide whether your account is active with the Mileage Plan or not; these include:

  • Redeeming a Mileage Plan Award
  • Acquiring mileage 

In case you do neither of these activities for two years, the airline can lock your account. However, it means that your miles will be safe as long as you inform the authorities within a stipulated period to re-activate the account. 

Mileage Plan Closed

Once your account is frozen, you have two options: either to let it be locked or to inform the authorities to keep the account active. If you reach out to customer service and ask them to unlock your account through verification, you will get back all your miles. However, you must do so within a year of freezing. In case you do not approach the authorities within this period, they will close your account permanently and all your miles will be gone forever. 

In short, you have three years since your last activity in the Alaska Airlines Mileage Plan program to recover your miles and continue your experience with the plan. 

How do I stop my Alaska miles from expiring?

The best way to avoid the closure of your mileage plan account is to either redeem or earn miles once every twenty-four months. This keeps your plan active, and you even get a chance to buy flight tickets with discounts and last-minute upgrades based on availability. 

There are many ways of avoiding the inactivity of your avoid and preventing it from freezing and closure. 

  • Try to keep flying and earning miles with every flight. 
  • Redeem them when purchasing new flights, upgrades, and in-flight amenities
  • You may also use these miles to book hotel stays via the Rocketmiles. 
  • If you do not have enough miles, use them for upgrades or select the option for Money and Miles and use both to get the preferable service. 
  • Money and Miles options allow you a discount of up to 50% on your flight purchase. 

Word of Advice!

Whether you are a frequent flyer or not, Alaska Miles is for all. They do not expire, and all you need to do is keep the account active. One redemption or winning a few miles once in a period of twenty-four months is all that you have to do to save your miles for a better opportunity. If you are already a member and are worried about missing out on a chance to use those miles you collected, worry not. You just need to combine it with some cash to get a discount of about 50% on your flight purchase with Alaska Airlines Group Travel.

Frequent Flyers Also Ask!

Do Alaska Airlines miles expire?

No. Alaska Miles does not expire in general as long as your account is active. 

When do Alaska Airlines miles expire?

Alaska Airlines miles never expire if you have an active account.

How long are Alaska air miles good for?

Alaska Air miles are good forever as long as you keep utilizing them periodically. 

Which airline’s miles never expire?

Alaska is one of those few airlines that have never expiring miles. 

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