Best Places To Stay in The Keys

The Florida Keys is the world-renowned holiday destination for all the beach lovers. It is a 120-mile-long string of tropical islands off the southern tip of Florida. Many people visit these islands yearly and enjoy the beach and adventure activities. The Florida Keys is famous for its coral reefs, marine life, and clear water. One can try the different water activities, including snorkeling, fishing, and diving. 

Key West, the largest island, is renowned for its unique historic architecture and never-ending nightlife around Duval Street. It offers endless places to visit, including the Ernest Hemingway Home and Museum and the magnificent sunset view at Mallory Square. The Overseas Highway connects all the islands, and the whole drive is a treat to the eyes as you can witness the fantastic azure water and thick mangrove forests.  

A Guide to Top Picks Accommodations: Best Place to stay in the Florida keys

best place to stay in the florida keys

Here’s a list of the best places to stay in the Keys. So pack your bags, book the tickets, and 

get ready to explore the perfect blend of calmness and adventure.

🌏 Key West

It is the largest island of the Florida Keys, known for its beautiful historic sites and vibrant nightlife. All the not-so-budget-conscious visitors prefer this place over other islands as it offers accommodations ranging from affordable hotels to extremely lavish resorts. The hotels and resorts provide the best services, equipped with modern technology and classy dining options. The Old Town Key West is famous for its stays and resorts as it is much closer to Mallory Square and Duval Street.

🌏 Islamorada

It is renowned for its outdoor activities, and the water enthusiast usually prefers this place. One can easily opt for a beach-view hotel or waterfront room to enjoy the snorkeling and diving activities. Islamorada has a variety of lavish resorts, and boutique stays that visitors can book to have an extremely comfortable stay on the island. The famous sportfishing spot is also a significant attraction of Islamorada, and many people stay in and around this area.

🌏 Marathon 

Marathon is another part of the Florida Keys where people prefer to stay. It lies in the middle of the Keys and is also a perfect place to stay and enjoy the scenic beach views. Several budget-friendly resorts and stays are present with perfect beachfront views. Near the Seven Mile Bridge, resorts offer convenient entry to the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf Of Mexico.

🌏 Key Largo

It is a heaven for all nature lovers, and many water lovers prefer to stay in this area of the Florida Keys. Key Largo gives visitors access to beautiful coral reefs and other nature reserves, a real win. Stays in Key Largo are diverse, including luxurious waterfront resorts, comfy cottages, and eco-friendly cottages. All these things make Key Largo a good option for a stay.

Best Places To Stay On The Beach In Key West

Places To Stay On The Beach In Key West

Key West offers a variety of stays and luxurious resorts that enhance the beauty of staying in and around this island. This place is famous for its vibrant atmosphere, beautiful beaches, and highly comfy accommodations along the coastline. Let’s explore the best places to stay in Key West on the beach.

1. Casa Marine Key West, Curio Collection By Hilton

Casa Marine Key West is a historic beachfront resort with luxurious rooms and private beaches. This resort offers modern services with a perfect touch of historical beauty, from elegant rooms to oceanfront pools and several water sports. Anyone who is going for this resort enjoys the classy stay, world-class dining options, and top-notch rooms.

Visitors can easily find more details about the resort from their official website, including the room booking details, check-in and check-out, room availability, and other services. Usually, the average room price is around $601 and can vary in peak travel seasons, but all in all, this resort is the perfect stay to enjoy your vacation, as every penny is worth it.

2. Sunset Key Cottages 

It is a luxurious resort that is only accessible by boat and secluded on an island. Away from the main crowd is a huge plus point of this stay as people experience the most beautiful panoramic ocean view and a calm, quiet atmosphere. 

Cottages are incredibly luxurious, with modern facilities that enhance the overall stay of the people. Several amenities are provided, such as clean beaches, contemporary services, and 

Infinity-edge pool. The average room for a single night is around $1,546, which is quite a good deal.

3. Southernmost Beach Resort

This resort is located on the southernmost tip of the island and offers a direct gateway to the beach. Its accommodations include luxurious rooms, cozy suites, and beachfront villas with world-class modern facilities. This resort is present at a prime location, offering the best beach view with private pools, outdoor oceanfront dining, and vibrant beachside bars,

To know the average price of the rooms for one night, you can check out the official website of Southernmost Beach Resort and get details about the cost and booking of rooms, service, etc.

4. Hyatt Centric Key West Resort And Spa

Hyatt Resort is another lovely option when choosing the best place to stay in Key West. It offers the best waterfront view and provides modern facilities with top-notch accommodation. Its direct access to Du\val Street and the beach is a preeminent plus point that attracts many visitors to opt for this resort. 

People can enjoy several water sports activities and at the same time relax by the pool or beach. Its proximity to Duval Street is a boon for night party lovers, offering a unique and vibrant nightlife. The price of rooms, booking details, and availability are available on the official resort website, or you can visit any travel website to learn more information. The average price of the rooms is around $60.

Best Places To Stay In The Keys For Couples

Places To Stay In The Keys For Couples

The Keys offers a variety of accommodations with a perfect scenic view and waterfront resorts. Several accommodations suit couples who want a beautiful yet intimate gateway and a budget-friendly stay.

🏩 Little Palm Island Resort & Spa

For all those who want to experience ultimate peace and seclusion from the main island, Little Palm Island Resort & Spa is the best stray. You can access the resort only by boat or seaplane, and it offers thatched-roof bungalows with the best panoramic ocean view. It is a calm resort, and one simultaneously feels disconnected and connected to the main world.

The resort’s office website details the rooms, facilities, and availability. Visitors can check out the gallery section to get a clearer picture of the resorts and their services. 

🏘️ The Moorings Village 

This resort is situated along the beautiful stretch of white sand in Islamorada. There are luxurious beachfront cottages with modern services, and couples can enjoy privacy here. It gives the freedom to enjoy long walks along the white sand and experience a peaceful atmosphere with a lounge beneath the 24/7 swaying palm trees. This place is perfect for couples as they get the ideal amount of privacy and a few adventure activities, including paddleboarding, swimming, etc.

The services are highly modern, and one cannot ignore the beauty this resort provides. Visitors must check the website of The Mooring Village and get more details about the room’s price, availability, and services it offers. You can also visit some travel sites as they help you select the rooms at the best prices and with better deals.

🏛️ The Reach Key West, A Waldorf Astoria Resort

This resort provides the ultimate level of luxury and comfort with top-notch services. Located at Key West’s natural beach, the Reach Key West is heaven for all luxury lovers who want a blend of sophistication and extravaganza. 

Couples can enjoy quality time together in the private balconies with a fabulous ocean view or dine fresh seafood at the resort’s restaurant. The infinity pool is also a major attraction and a perfect outing for couples as they get to share a lot of cocktails and enjoy several beverages.

You can visit the site of The Reach Key West to learn more about the availability of the rooms and their prices.

💒 The Islander Resort 

The Islander Resort is the first option for all the budget-conscious people who can’t sacrifice the charm but still want to experience the ultimate comfort. This resort provides modern services and is located in Key Largos. The cottages here are super comfy and offer a perfect stay for couples.

Various activities are present, including snorkeling in the coral reefs, enjoying kayaking through thick mangrove forests, and lounging amidst the vast palm trees. This palace is perfect for couples who want privacy and many outdoor water activities. To get more information, visit the official website of The Islander Resort and get details about the booking process, room availability, and services it provides.

So, all these resorts are perfect for couples who want privacy and fun simultaneously. The Florida Keys offers the best accommodations for couples to make their romantic gateway unforgettable.

Best Places To Stay In The Keys For Families

Best Places To Stay In The Keys For Families

The Florida Keys is the best place to enjoy family vacations. To experience a hassle-free holiday, it is essential to have a proper stay with modern facilities. The Florida Keys provides an array of luxurious and budget-friendly resorts that help make family vacations successful. Here is a list of a few accommodations you can opt for when planning a family vacation.

🏨 Hawks’s Cay Resort

It is situated on the Duck Key and offers a variety of accommodations, including luxurious rooms and grand and spacious villas with kitchens. Families can easily have fun at this resort as it has many activities for all generations. For example, the Dolphin Connection Program is entirely for kids, who can enjoy playing with the dolphins there. Parents can enjoy the spa service at the resort or go out for kayaking and snorkeling in the ocean.

It is a perfect palace for family vacations with an ideal blend of adventure and calmness. You can visit the official website of Hawk’s Cay Resort to learn more about the services, room availability and prices, and other essential details.

🏨 Tranquility Bay Beach House Resort

This resort is situated in Marathon and is suitable for families. It offers beautiful and cozy beachfront cottages with modern facilities, and families can easily access the sandy beaches within no time. The rooms have various options, including the two and three-bedroom sets, which are perfectly suitable for families without discomfort or space issues. 

The resort also has two private pools and an acclaimed beachfront restaurant with world-class cuisine, the perfect treat for families with children. To learn more about the resort and its services, you can visit the resort’s official website or ask for resort assistance before booking.

🏨 Cheeca Lodge & Spa

Located in Islamorada, this resort offers a perfect blend of adventure and calmness for the families looking for it. It has luxurious rooms and suites which are suitable for families who are looking for. The resort has a private beach, tennis courts, a golf course, and dining options with cuisines worldwide.

It is a perfect option to stay on a family vacation as Cheeca Lodge & Spa offers the best services and outdoor plus indoor activities. People can take the spa service provided by the resort, and there is a unique Cheeca Program dedicated solely to the kids, where several supervised activities are carried out, including arts and crafts, snorkeling, etc.

To learn more about the Cheeca Lodge & Spa, check out the website of the resort and learn everything from room options and availability to outdoor and indoor activities. The average room for one night at Cheeca Lodge & Spa costs around $880. 

After going through so many resorts and hotels, you can make the perfect choice for your next trip and enjoy the scenic beauty of The Florida Keys. So pack your bags, book your tickets, and prepare for an unforgettable journey. 


What are the best places to stay in the Keys?

Here is a list of the Casa Marine Key West, Curio Collection By Hilton, Sunset Key Cottages, and Southernmost Beach Resort.

What are the best places to stay on the beach in Key West?

Here is a list of accommodations on the beach in Key West, including Hyatt Centric Resort And Spa, Casa Marine Key West, Curio Collection By Hilton, Southernmost Beach Resort, and  Sunset Key Cottages.

Are there any couple-friendly accommodations in the Keys?

Yes, there are couple-friendly accommodations, including Little Palm Island Resort & Spa, The Reach Key West, The Moorings Village, and The Islander Resort.

What are the accommodation options for families on the Keys?

Several resorts exist for families, including Hawk’s Cay Resort,  Cheeca Lodge & Spa, and Tranquility Bay Beach House Resort.

Are there any water sports activities in the Florida Keys?

Several adventure activities include snorkeling, diving to witness the coral reefs, and kayaking through the thick mangrove forests.

What is the most beautiful part of the Keys?

Key Largo is considered the most beautiful because of its oceanic beauty, known as the ‘Dining Capital Of The World.’ It provides snorkeling and diving opportunities.

How long should the vacation be for the first-timers?

First-timers should plan a trip of almost a week to experience these islands’ beauty and enjoy the Florida Keys.

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