Guide to Delta Airlines Boarding Pass Print: Explained

Delta Airlines Boarding Pass

E-Boarding Passes, Printed Passes, and Kiosks at the airport provide an efficient and time-saving mode of answers to this frequently asked question. Delta frequent flyers would already know that the airline caters to several resources and check-in methods for the passenger’s convenience. Nevertheless, what one must know about is the procedure of downloading and printing the boarding passes on time before the flight departure and saving funds by doing the same. 

If the question, “When can you print boarding passes for Delta Airlines?” keeps bugging you, you may also want to learn about the schedule of checking-in. 

Ways Of Obtaining Delta Airlines Boarding Pass

No passenger is allowed to board the plane without their boarding pass. It is an essential document that contains primary information about you and your itinerary. From the gate number, flight number, and the schedule of your flight, the pass is basically your key to embark on the vessel. Delta is a prominent airline in the United States of America, which offers its passengers several expedited methods of obtaining boarding passes. 

Download Delta Airlines Boarding Pass via Official Website

The official website of Delta Air Lines is a virtual office in itself where you can not only make your purchase and manage your reservation but also check in, get your boarding passes, and learn about the details of the itinerary. Follow the steps below:

  1. Visit
  2. The page header has a check-in option; select it. 
  3. OR, go to My Trips.
  4. Log in using the confirmation number, SkyMiles number, or the number of your credit card. 
  5. Once you have accessed your itinerary, download the E-boarding pass.
  6. You may also print it out based on your need and convenience. 

Screenshot from Fly Delta app

Those who use the Delta app must be aware of the advantages of automatic check-in and the “Today Mode” feature. Besides, new flyers should know that you can register or check in as a guest as well. Furthermore, if you are signed into the account, the system will automatically check you in 24 hours before your flight departure. Take a screenshot or download the passes at your disposal. Check your boarding pass and track baggage using the “Today Mode.” 

Through In-person check-in at the airport

The airport check-in counters are for those looking for personal assistance from the airline executives before their boarding. If you want to get your boarding passes from the airport, look for the Delta check-in desks in your concerned terminal. There will be representatives who will escort you through the procedures and provide you with your boarding passes. 

Passengers with Gold, Platinum, and Diamond Medallion memberships can access the Special dedicated lanes for Sky Priority. Delta One, Premium Select, and First Class passengers are welcome at the same counter to get their boarding passes hassle-freely. 

Airport Curbside

Most drop-off areas in the US airports have curbside check-in options for Delta flyers who intend to check in as soon as they reach the airport and leave their vehicles. It allows you to get your Delta Airlines boarding pass before entering the terminal. It is a time-saving and efficient option, plus there are no hidden charges for it. (Unless you would like to drop some gratuities for the pleasant service, of course.) 

Airport Kiosks

The best way to get the Delta Airlines boarding pass print is to use the kiosks at the airport. It helps you avoid the long queues at the desks and manage your reservation under your own terms and conditions. The kiosks have serval options for checking in, printing boarding passes, adding checked baggage, and even selecting or changing seats. All you have to do is log in via SkyMiles, code of confirmation, or eTicket number. 

Delta Air Lines Check-In Schedules

To get your Delta Airlines boarding pass, you should follow these cut-off times. Make sure to complete the procedures within the stipulated time. 

Note that these timings only depict when you should check in after you reach the airport and via online mode. It says nothing about how soon you are expected at the airport. Apart from getting your boarding passes, submitting your bags, and getting boarding, there are several other procedures that one should undergo, such as screening and security checks, which can be time-consuming, so always be an hour or two early to the airport. 

AirportTwo hours before the departureUntil 30 minutes before Domestic departure Until 1 Hour before the international departure
OnlineUp to 24 hours before departure

FAQs – Curious Concerns

How do I print a boarding pass for Delta Airlines?

Delta Air Lines lets passengers get their boarding passes from the app, website, kiosks, and check-in desks at the airport. 

When can you print boarding passes for Delta Airlines?

Online check-in begins 24 hours before flight departure, and airport check-in desks open two hours before the flight, and that’s when you can download or get the printed boarding passes. 

Can I print out my Delta boarding pass at home?

Yes. You can download the boarding passes using and the Fly Delta app and print them out at home.

Does the Delta app show a boarding pass?

Yes. There’s an option available in the Fly Delta app where you can see boarding passes after checking in. 

Will the airport print my boarding pass?

Travelers can print their boarding passes from the airport kiosks. 

Can you screenshot your boarding pass and print it, too?

Yes. A digital copy of any kind is acceptable at the gates. 

Can I print the boarding pass from PDF?

Yes. PDF-formatted Boarding passes are allowed at the airport. 

How early does Delta check-in open?

Delta Air Lines allows check-in through the online mode 24 hours prior to the flight departure time. Meanwhile the desks at the airport open two hours prior to the take-off. 

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