Spirit Airbus A321 Seat Map, Layout and Seating Chart

Spirit Airbus A321 Seat Map

Are you planning to fly on Spirit Airlines’ Airbus A321 for your next trip? Before you set foot on board, you must take a moment to delve into the luxurious and comfortable atmosphere of its cabin. This guidebook to Spirit Airbus a321 seat map, layout & seating chart is your gateway to understanding what makes flying on this Spirit Air carrier a unique journey. From the energetic vibe of the crew to the efficient use of space, get ready for a firsthand look into the experience that awaits you. Are you ready to embark? Let the exploration begin!

Overview of Spirit Airbus A321 

Spirit Airlines acknowledges travelers’ unique expectations and aims to satisfy this spectrum of needs and preferences within its fleet. Offering two distinct categories of aircraft, the Airbus A321 (32B) and the Airbus A321 NEO (32Q), Spirit ensures that every passenger finds comfort and convenience on board. Passengers will find all the basic and advanced facilities on their aircraft that will make their travel experience as pleasant as possible.

The “Big Front” seats, located at the front of the cabin, offer an extra 6-8 inches of legroom and wider seating, and the “Deluxe Leather” Economy Seats cater to passengers’ various needs. The option to upgrade seats for an additional fee allows passengers to fly in their own way. 

Features of Spirit Airbus A321 (32B)

The Spirit Airbus A321 (32B) stands out as a well-equipped aircraft that offers 228 seats to serve the passengers to their dream destination. This plane combines comfort with functionality and ensures a luxurious journey for everyone on board. Below are the key features that highlight the Spirit Airbus A321 (32B) layout and passenger-focused amenities of this aircraft: 

  • At the forefront, 8 Big Front Seats are positioned to offer premium comfort and space.
  • The main cabin houses 220 deluxe leather seats, ensuring a comfortable ride for all passengers.
  • 12 seats in the plane are reserved for passengers with disabilities.  These comfy seats are specifically designed for accessibility, 
  •  For added safety, 6 exit seats are located just before the wings, and another 6 are situated directly behind them.
  •  The aircraft is equipped with two galleys, one at the front on the right side and another at the very back, to facilitate meal service.
  •  The Airbus has restroom facilities, including one lavatory on the left at the front of the plane and two more at the rear.
  •  There are 8 exits throughout the aircraft, with 2 situated at the front, 2 before the wings, 2 after the wings, and 2 at the back for efficient and safe boarding.

Airbus A321 Seating Map 

If you are looking forward to having a view of the spirit airlines seating chart, the below map will help you. 

Features of Spirit Airbus A321 NEO (32Q)

The Spirit Airbus A321 NEO (32Q) is installed with all the modern amenities that aim to provide a comfortable seating experience to all its passengers. With a thoughtful layout and amenities designed for comfort, convenience, and safety, this plane ensures a memorable journey whether you are flying short distances or across continents. Here is a closer look at the features that make the Airbus A321 (32B) a preferred option:

  • Spirit Airbus A321 NEO (32Qis a massive air carrier with 235 seats.
  • The plane offers 8 Big Front Seats at the very front and provides extra comfort and legroom for a more relaxed experience.
  • A total of 227 deluxe leather seats are available.
  • For those requiring special assistance, 12 seats are specifically reserved for passengers with disabilities.
  • 5 exit seats located before the wings are designed for quick access in case of emergencies.
  • The aircraft is equipped with one galley on the right at the front and another at the back.
  • For passenger convenience, there is one lavatory on the left at the front and two more at the back to minimize wait times.
  • The plane has 8 exits to ensure safety and ease during boarding and disembarking: two in the front, two before the wings, two after the wings, and two at the back.

A321 NEO (32Q) Seating Map 

Here’s what the seating chart spirit airlines looks like: 

Spirit A321 NEO (32Q) Seating Map 

To Wrap it Up!

As you have reached so far, you might know that selecting the best seat on the Spirit Airbus A31 enhances your flying experience by offering comfort and convenience. With 228 seats available, passengers have the flexibility to choose according to their preferences and budget. Whether it is securing a cost-effective seat or indulging in the spacious Big Front Seat for extra legroom, these details of the Spirit Airlines seat map and layout are going to help. You can easily secure your preferred seat via Spirit Airlines’ official website or their help center. 

People May Also Inquire!

How many seats does a Spirit A321 have?

The Spirit Airbus A321 is a well-facilitated airbus that has 228 seats.

How does seating work in the Spirit A321 Airbus?

Seat prices vary by route and seat location. For extra comfort, passengers can opt for a Big Front Seat, which offers additional legroom, for a higher price.

How can I book seats on Spirit Airbus A321?

Passengers can easily secure their seats with Spirit Airlines by accessing the official website or offline by consulting their help center agents.

Is Airbus A321 (32B) and Airbus A321 NEO (32Q) the same?

No. Airbus A321 (32B) and Airbus A321 NEO (32Q) are two different air carriers in the fleet of  Spirit Airlines.

What are the features of the Airbus A321 Spirit?

The Spirit Airbus A321 is installed with all the advanced features, including extra legroom seats, a galley, several exit gates, and much more.

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