Scoot Airlines Baggage Allowance

You can travel on Scoot Airlines with a relaxed mind because of the baggage allowance they offer. Now, you can carry whatever you love without getting short on baggage allowance. Scoot Airlines baggage allowance allows passengers to carry up to 10 kg of cabin baggage allowance, which is more than 3 kg compared to other airlines. This baggage allowance allows you to carry all your favorite items inside the cabin. Along with a cabin bag, the airline allows you to carry 1 personal item. 

Carry on Baggage Policy 

Scoot Airlines is one of the low-cost carrier airlines that offers some premium benefits at the price of low-cost fares. The airline provides 2 cabin classes: Scoot (Economy) and ScootPlus for travelers. Both cabin class passengers can carry up to a maximum of 2 pieces of cabin luggage. Ensure that the cabin luggage dimensions do not exceed 54 x 38 x 23 cm or a linear size dimension of 115 cm that can completely fit inside the overhead bin. The personal item size must be under 40 x 30 x 10 cm and should completely fit under the seat in front of you. In addition, the airline strictly states that the infants traveling cannot carry any cabin bag. 

For Economy Class passengers, the airline allows 2 pieces of checked bags with a maximum weight of 10 kg. Similarly, ScootPlus travelers can carry up to 2 cabin bags with a maximum weight of not more than 15 kg. 

Check In Baggage Allowance

Scoot Airlines doesn’t offer any free checked baggage allowance to passengers traveling on Economy Class. ScootPlus passengers can carry up to 30 kg of baggage weight, which is included in the fare. Passengers traveling with Scoot Airlines can carry up to 15 pieces of luggage. Ensure that the maximum allowed size does not exceed total linear dimensions of 158 cm. Passengers are allowed to purchase up to a maximum of 40 kg of baggage weight online. However, according to Occupational Health and Safety rules, the maximum checked baggage weight must not exceed 32 kg. Here is the Scoot Airlines checked baggage allowance: 

Cabin ClassChecked Baggage Allowance
Included in fareAdd-on options
EconomyNA20 – 40 kg
ScootPlus30kgUp to 40 kg

Checked baggage items must not include:

  • Fragile, delicate, or perishable items;
  • Computers;
  • Items with a special value, such as money, jewelry, precious metals, and silverware;
  • Negotiable papers, share certificates, securities, or other valuable documents;
  • Cameras;
  • Personal electronic equipment;
  • Electronic cigarettes;
  • Commercial goods or business documents, or
  • Passports and other travel documents

Special Baggage Guidelines

Various items that are not considered standard baggage by the airline can be carried on the aircraft. These unique items include sporting equipment, musical instruments, medical equipment, etc. There are several restrictions on carrying these goods; passengers can only bring them if they follow all the baggage policies. Multiple special items are banned to carry inside the cabin; however, the airline may allow you to bring them as checked luggage. These items include:

  • Bassinet
  • Car Seat
  • Stroller
  • Walker
  • Crutches
  • Wheelchair

Sporting Equipment

Are you a sports enthusiast or a professional sportsperson? You can carry your sports partner and your sports equipment with you on a Scoot Airlines flight. The airline allows passengers to carry Golf Clubs, Surfboards, Canoes, Scuba Diving Apparel, Skis and Bicycle. All these items can be considered under your baggage allowance; however, additional baggage charges will be applicable if the limit exceeds. In addition, the airline will not accept any baggage weighing more than 32 kg of baggage weight. 

Musical Instruments

Passengers traveling with their musical instruments, such as cello and double bass, cannot bring them as cabin luggage. This is because these items are oversized and take up a lot of space in the cabin. If you still want to carry the instrument inside the cabin, the airline may allow you to purchase a complete seat for the item and secure it with the seat frame by keeping it on the floor with the help of seat belts. Ensure that the musical instrument is properly packed and not exceeding the size of 140 x 40 x 45 cm and 32 kg of maximum allowed weight. 

Prohibited Goods and Restricted Items

Many daily usable items are considered as dangerous. That is why the airline wholly or partially prohibited them from carrying on the Scoot Aircraft. The airline only allows passengers to carry sports gear, infant equipment, and musical instruments as a checked baggage allowance, depending on the baggage size and weight restrictions. Check the guidelines below for the prohibited items, and the airline may reject the baggage if:

  • Items are not correctly packed
  • Items not allowed by any International law or regulation
  • Any type of weapon, firearm, and ammunition
  • Explosives, flammable and non-flammable gas
  • Refrigerated gas
  • Flammable solids
  • Poisons
  • Radioactive materials, etc. 
  • Human or animal remains

Restrictions on Batteries

Passengers traveling with lithium-ion batteries or powered devices cannot carry them inside the cabin or as checked luggage. Passengers must follow a few restrictions: 

Lithium-ionAllowed in Cabin BaggageAllowed in Checked-in Baggage
Less than 100Wh(Laptops, mobile phones, and digital and video cameras)In Equipment: Yes
Spare: Yes1. Max. 20 pieces for each passenger2. Must be packed properly to avoid damage
In Equipment: Yes
Spare: No
100 to 160Wh(Video equipment and portable medical devices)In Equipment: Yes
Spare: Yes1. Max. 2 pieces for each passenger2. Must be properly packed to avoid damage
In Equipment: Yes
Spare: No
More than 160Wh(Underwater lamps)In Equipment: No
Spare: No
In Equipment: No
Spare: No
Personal Transportation Devices(Skate scooters, segways, hoverboards, etc., which are battery-powered)Strictly ForbiddenStrictly Forbidden


  • Rechargeable battery packs, e.g., power banks, will be considered as spare lithium batteries.
  • Passengers cannot carry spare lithium batteries as checked-in baggage and can only carry them as cabin baggage.
  • Ensure that no batteries are damaged or recalled on aircraft.
  • Make sure that the spare batteries you are carrying are inside their original packaging.
  • Keep them inside their original protective case or plastic bags if not packed in the original.
  • Switch off all the battery-operated devices available. 

Restricted Items in the United States of America (USA)

For passengers traveling to the US from the airports that serve as the last checkpoint of departures, the TSA may check all the bags and items thoroughly. The checks include a complete inspection of Personal Electronic Devices (PEDs) and powder-like substances. Here is a list of items:

  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • E-readers
  • Camera
  • Portable DVD players
  • Electronic game units larger than a smartphone
  • Travel printers/scanners

Additionally, passengers carrying powder-like substances in a container weighing 350 gm (350 ml) or more are not allowed inside the cabin and will be checked in. However, several items come under exception and are allowed to carry inside the cabin. These items include:

  • Medically Prescribed Powder
  • Baby Formula
  • Cremated Human Remains

Note: Passengers are advised to bring all the required documents for verification. 

Restrictions On Powder Substances (Departing from Australia)

Passengers departing from Australian airports must handle the restrictions on carrying powder-like substances inside the cabin. Also, one must present all the powder containers separately for screening. Here is a table that shows organic and inorganic powders that are restricted and non-restricted: 

Inorganic powders(Restrictions Apply)Organic powders(Not Restricted)
SaltPowdered baby formula
Salt ScrubPowdered food
Some Talcum PowdersProtein powder
Some Powdered DeodorantFlour, Spices
Certain Foot PowdersEpsom Salt
Powdered DetergentsSugar
Cleaning ProductsMost Cosmetics


  • The airline doesn’t restrict using organic powders such as food and baby formula for infants to carry inside the cabin. 
  • These inorganic powders can only be carried under the given restrictions. 
  • Passengers can carry up to 350 ml/350 gm or less.
  • However, there are no limitations on carrying several containers of inorganic powders for each passenger. 

Traveling with Pets

Scoot Airlines doesn’t allow pets to travel with any passenger except service dogs. Only service dogs can travel on a Scoot Airlines flight under the restricted guidelines. Passengers with any hearing and visual disability can travel with up to 2 service dogs. 

If traveling with a service or guide dog, you must reserve your flight at least 48 hours before the scheduled flight departure. In addition, all the required documents must be available at the time of check-in. Here is the list of documents and certificates that you must carry:

  • A muzzle for your dog;
  • An absorbent mat (measuring at least 20-inch by 30-inch), including two plastic sheets;
  • Necessary quarantine certificates;
  • Training Certificate/Identification of the Service Dog;
  • Import and/or export permits (subject to country-specific regulations);
  • Transshipment license (if the service dog is transiting through Singapore);
  • Veterinary health certificate;
  • Rabies vaccination letter.

Note: If passengers do not book a flight at least 48 hours before departure, the airline may refuse to accept the pet inside the cabin. 

Wrapping Up

Scoot Airlines offers travelers one of the most impressive baggage allowances, giving them enough space to pack almost all their favorite items. Scoot Airlines baggage allowance allows you to pack up to 2 back for Economy Class with a maximum total baggage weight of not more than 10 kg. In addition, you are allowed to carry one personal item, which includes small laptop bag, purse, etc. You can also add an extra bag by paying a nominal amount to the airline if you need more items to carry. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How many kg of baggage are allowed in Scoot?

Scoot Airlines allows ScootPlus passengers to carry up to a maximum of 30 kg of baggage weight with not more than 158 cm linear size dimension. 

Is Scoot strict with baggage?

Scoot Airlines offers an excess baggage policy if the free baggage allowance exceeds. However, the airline may not guarantee the baggage will be carried. Ensure that you take whatever is required and that the maximum baggage weight, size, and number of bags are under the allowed limit. 

Does Scoot Airline allow pets to travel?

Scoot Airlines doesn’t allow pets to travel on any flight; however, service dogs can travel with a person with a hearing or visual disability. 

Do passengers travel with an infant?

Passengers can travel with their infant on Scoot Airlines but cannot carry any cabin or checked baggage. However, baby food or stroller can be carried without any additional charge. 

How much weight can I carry inside the cabin bag?

Passengers are allowed to carry a maximum of 10 kg of baggage weight in Economy Class along with a personal item. 

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