Saudi Arabian Airlines Baggage Allowance

Saudi Arabian Airlines baggage allowance sets the passengers’ rules regarding luggage. These regulations are subject to change according to the flying status of the passenger. Having elite status can offer generous luggage allowance when flying with the airline. Nevertheless, the airline ensures that every single individual gets free carry-on and checked bags, irrespective of the cabin class. 

Additionally, you can travel with sports items and extra luggage by paying applicable charges. This page will guide you through Saudi Arabian Airlines baggage policy and additional charges, if any. 

Hand Baggage Allowance

In addition to free checked bags, passengers can carry cabin bags on board as per Saudi Arabian Airlines baggage allowance. You can store it in the overhead rack or under the front seat. Make sure to label your checked and carry-on bags for easy identification.

Saudi Airlines allows handbags, pull bags, garment bags, and one briefcase as carry-on bags. The weight and size of the bag vary from 7kg to 12kg and 56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm. Check the table below for a clearer picture:

Fare ClassAllowanceQuantityDimensionWeight
First and Business CassHandbag, pull bag, or garment bag.

One piece
56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm12kg
First and Business ClassA briefcase56 cm x 20cm x 35 cm09kg
Guest ClassA handbag or a pull bag. 56 cm x 45 cm x 25 cm07kg
  • Passengers on flights originating from the USA and Canada to Saudi Arabia can take one piece of cabin bag. The weight and size limit must be under 16 lbs and 45 inches, respectively. 
  • The airline will decide whether you can carry food or beverage items on board the flight. 

Other Items You Can Take On Board 

There are other personal items that you can carry with your cabin bag without a labeled tag. These are also free of charge and limited to only one quantity on board. Passengers of every class are eligible to carry any one of the following personal items:

  • Overcoat or wrap
  • Umbrella
  • A pair of crutches
  • Binoculars
  • Small camera
  • Laptop
  • Electronic devices
  • Small handbags or purses
  • Books or magazine
  • Milk and food formula for baby
  • Baby carrying basket
  • A foldable stroller or a car seat
  • Assistive devices

Saudi Airlines Check in Baggage Allowance

Saudi Arabian Airlines provides free checked bags to passengers, depending on their travel status. Passengers are responsible for meeting the terms and conditions mentioned in the luggage policies. For instance, the Saudi Arabian Airlines baggage can weigh up to 23kg and 32kg

On flights departing and arriving in the United States & Europe, passengers with elite status check in bags up to 32kg. Meanwhile, the size limit stays the same for every fare class, i.e., 158 cm or 62 inches

As per Saudi Arabian Airlines baggage allowance economy class, you may pack a checked bag. On the other hand, passengers with Business or First Class tickets can check in multiple bags, but up to a specific limit. It is mentioned the purchased ticket. Each bag must weigh within specified restrictions. Otherwise, you may have to pay additional charges. 

Additional Luggage On Saudi Arabian Flights

In addition to Saudi Arabian Airlines check in baggage allowance, some passengers are entitled to bring additional pieces of luggage. Passengers with elite memberships or specific conditions can pack one extra hold luggage. Let’s find out whether you’re eligible. 

  1. Alfursan Members 
Domestic Flights
AlFursan MembershipBaggage
International Flights
AlFursan MembershipBaggage
  • 6th freedom passengers flying to or from the USA and Canada are eligible to carry two pieces of cabin bags, irrespective of travel class.
  1. Renal Kidney Failure Patients 

Kidney failure patients traveling on Saudia Arabian flights are allowed to carry one extra piece of checked luggage. It can weigh up to 32kg on all fares, i.e., first class, business class, and guest class. This condition is applicable on both international and domestic flights. 

Saudi Arabian Airlines Extra Checked Bag 

Guest class passengers checking in excess baggage must make sure the weight is within 23kg and 158 cm. First and business class passengers can check in up to 32kg.  Pieces over 205 cm or 80 inches are not checked in and must be shipped as cargo. 

Oversized bags that are between 32kg – 45kg and 158 cm – 205 cm. 

However, when an item is over 45kg, the airline will not accept it as a checked bag. Passengers will have to submit it to the cargo department. 

Saudi Arabian Airlines Baggage Fees

Passengers can purchase additional baggage before the departure date and pay a reasonable amount. The Saudi Arabian Airlines baggage fee for excess items is higher when purchased at the airport. Thus, we recommend you add it to your allowance in advance through the official website. 

However, the online pre-purchase of additional bags is limited to specific destinations and sectors. So, if the option is unavailable, you may not be eligible to buy extra bags online due to operational restrictions. In such a case, you can pay the fee at the airport. 

In addition, when you purchase additional baggage, you get a voucher for every extra piece, noting the following points:

  • One-year validity from the date of issue.
  • Re-issuance and re-routing are not allowed.
  • If the passenger fails to show up on the day of travel, they will lose the complete value of the ticket.
  1. Domestic Flights
A pre-purchased extra piece of the bag within the permitted weight and size limitSAR 138
Additional pieces of the bag within the standard limit bought at the airportSAR 172.5
Overweight baggage but within the permissible range, i.e., 23kg – 32kgSAR 154
An oversized piece of the bag but within the allowable range, i.e., 158 – 205 cm, a Bag exceeding 32kg but within 45 kilograms, or bothSAR 257.5
  1. Pre-purchased Baggage on International Flights
Flights To/FromSaudi ArabiaUSAEUUKArabian GulfMiddle EastIndiaAsiaAfricaChinaCanada
Saudi ArabiaNAUSD 180USD 172USD 172USD 105USD 105USD 100$140USD88USD160CAD 240
Arabian Gulf***USD 105USD 192USD 184USD 184NAUSD 105USD 192$183USD155USD 183CAD 240
Middle EastUSD 105USD 192USD 184USD 184USD 105NAUSD 192$183USD 155USD 183CAD 240
IndiaUSD 100USD 200USD 200USD 200USD 192USD 192NANAUSD 176NACAD 240
AsiaUSD 140USD 200USD 200USD 200USD 183USD 183NANAUSD 155NACAD 260
AfricaUSD 88USD 192USD 160USD 160USD 155USD 155USD 176USD 155NAUSD 155CAD 215
ChinaUSD 160USD 200USD 200USD 200USD 183USD 183NANA$155NACAD 260
CanadaCAD 240NANANACAD 240CAD 240CAD 240CAD 260CAD 215CAD 260NA
  1. Extra Baggage on International Flight (At the airport)
CitiesSaudi ArabiaUSAEUUKArabian GulfMiddle EastIndiaAsiaAfricaChinaCanada
Saudi ArabiaNAUSD 225USD 215USD 215USD 150USD 150USD 130USD 200USD 125USD 200CAD 280
Arabian Gulf***USD 150USD 240USD 230USD 230NAUSD 150USD 240USD 260USD 220USD 260CAD 280
Middle EastUSD 150USD 240USD 230USD 230USD 150NAUSD 240USD 260USD 220USD 260CAD 280
IndiaUSD 130USD 250USD 250USD 250USD 240USD 240NANAUSD 220NACAD 280
AsiaUSD 200USD 250USD 250USD 250USD 260USD 260NANAUSD 220NACAD 300
AfricaUSD 125USD 240USD 200USD 200USD 220USD 220USD 220USD 220NAUSD 220CAD 250
ChinaUSD 200USD 250USD 250USD 250USD 260USD 260NANAUSD 220NACAD 300
CanadaCAD 280NANANACAD 280CAD 280CAD 280CAD 300CAD USD 250CAD 300NA
  1. Oversized Bags (23kg to 32kg)
CitiesSaudi ArabiaUSAEUUKArabian GulfMiddle EastIndiaAsiaAfricaChinaCanada
Saudi ArabiaNAUSD 60USD 100USD 100USD 75USD 75USD 55USD 100USD 60USD 125CAD 90
EUUSD 100NANANA$115$115USD 125USD 125USD 100USD 125NA
UKUSD 100NANANA$115$115USD 125USD 125USD 100USD 125NA
Arabian GulfUSD 75USD 120USD 115USD 115NAUSD 75USD 120USD 130USD 110USD 130CAD 90
Middle EastUSD 75USD 120USD 115USD 115USD 75NAUSD 120USD130USD 110USD 130CAD 90
IndiaUSD 55USD 125USD 125USD 125USD 120USD 120NANAUSD 110NACAD 90
AsiaUSD 100USD 125USD 125USD 125USD 130USD 130NANAUSD 110NACAD 90
AfricaUSD 60USD 120USD 100USD 100USD 110USD 110USD 110USD 110NAUSD 110CAD 90
ChinaUSD 125USD 125USD 125USD 125USD 130$130NANAUSD 110NACAD 90
  1. Bags exceeding 32kg and within 45kg  – International Flight
CitiesSaudi ArabiaArabian GulfMiddle EastIndiaAsiaAfricaChina
Saudi ArabiaNAUSD 316USD 316USD 285USD 420USD 260USD 458
Arabian GulfUSD 316NAUSD 316USD 504USD 546USD 462USD 522
Middle EastUSD 316USD 316NAUSD 504USD 546USD 462USD 522
IndiaUSD 285USD 504USD 504NANAUSD 462NA
AsiaUSD 420USD 546USD 546NANAUSD 462NA
AfricaUSD 260USD 462USD 462USD 462USD 462NAUSD 462
ChinaUSD 458USD 522USD 522NANAUSD 462NA
  1. Oversized Bag (158 cm – 205 cm), Overweight (32-45kg), or Both
CitiesSaudi ArabiaArabian GulfMiddle EastIndiaAsiaAfricaChina
Saudi ArabiaNAUSD 91USD 91USD 100USD 120USD 75USD 133
Arabian GulfUSD 91NAUSD 91USD 144USD 156USD 132USD 156
Middle EastUSD 91USD 91NAUSD 144USD 156USD 132USD 156
IndiaUSD 100USD 144USD 144NANAUSD 132NA
AsiaUSD 120USD 156USD 156NANAUSD 132NA
AfricaUSD 75USD 132USD 132USD 132USD 132NAUSD 132
ChinaUSD 133USD 156USD 156NANAUSD 132NA

Charges for Sports Equipment

Saudi Arabian Airlines baggage allowance includes sports equipment as well. Passengers will have to pay applicable charges for the transportation. If a piece of sports item is measuring between 158 cm and 205 cm, the airline will charge USD 100. Similarly, the airline will charge Saudi Arabian Airlines baggage fees as per the following conditions: 

On International Flights

  • Pieces over 158 cm and between 205 cm will levy USD 100
  • If the equipment exceeds the maximum limit of 205 cm and extends to 300 cm, you will have to pay an extra USD 67. The total will be 100 + 67 = USD 167.
  • For bags over 300 cm or 118 inches or over 32kg, the airline will check them in as cargo. 
  • Flight to or from Canada will levy an excess baggage charge of CAD 89 for equipment over the approved dimensions. 

On Domestic Flights

  • Pay SAR 100 for bags exceeding the standard dimension but staying within 205 cm.
  • Add extra SAR 100 for equipment measuring between 205 cm and 300cm. It will be SAR 200 in total. 
  • When the bag exceeds the maximum 300 cm or 32kg limit, submit it as cargo. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much baggage is allowed in Saudi Arabian Airlines?

Passengers can carry one cabin bag with a small carry-on item and checked baggage, as stated on the ticket. It is included free of charge on all fares. 

What is a 2pc baggage allowance in Saudi airlines?

Saudi Airlines permits 6th freedom passengers to carry two pieces of cabin bags on flights to or from the USA and Canada. 

What is Saudi Airlines baggage allowance?

Saudi Airlines baggage allowance includes a cabin bag up to 12kg, a checked bag up to 32kg, and a personal item free of charge. 

How much weight can we carry on an international flight to Saudi Arabia?

The Saudi Arabian Airlines baggage weight on international flights is 32kg. Meanwhile, the same cabin baggage is applicable on all routes. 

Is Saudia Airlines strict with baggage weight?

Bags exceeding the weight limit incur extra fees per the Saudi Arabia Airlines baggage allowance. 

Does Saudia weigh hand luggage?

Yes, Saudia inspects hand luggage weight during check-in and at the gate before boarding. Any bag over the permitted limit is put into cold storage for a fee. 

What is not allowed in Saudi airlines?

Saudi Airlines does not permit flammable, toxic, sharp, edgy, and dangerous items on checked cabin bags. 

What is Saudi Arabian Airlines business class baggage allowance?

Business Class passengers can check in bags up to 32kg; the quantity is stated on the purchased ticket. 

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