Qatar Airways Business Class

It’s quite apparent how Qatar Airways is taking up the aviation industry by storm, evidenced by its top-class cabins and associated amenities. The frequent flyers will be impressed by Qatar’s investment in its business class suites, which are unquestionably the most suitable, especially for passengers flying on long-haul routes. 

If you also want to know what Qatar Airways Business Class is? The further sections will be of great help. Access to Qatar Airways A350-900 Qsuites or business class is an amazing redemption for all the money you spend there. 

Review: Qatar Business Class A350-900 Flights

I took the following flights with Qatar in business class in order to conduct this review:

  • Doha to Oslo (Qsuite!) A350-900
  • Oslo to Doha A350-900 
  • Doha to Colombo
  • Colombo to Doha

Luxurious & Spacious Seats

What comes to your mind when you think of business class seats? Let me guess: a well-designed seat with extra legroom and utmost comfort. Right? Well, this is actually what Qatar Airways Business Class Seats offer. Travelers can easily stretch their legs and move around comfortably as it has plenty of legroom. You can also choose your position to relax, work, or sleep. Your comfort does not end here; the airlines also offer a cozy blanket and fluffy pillow to enhance your in-flight comfort. Plus, you get top security and privacy; no one hops in. 

Luxurious & Spacious Seats

On-Demand Entertainment

Get ready for the full-time entertainment throughout the flight! Qatar Airways values the importance of time and offers an immense range of on-demand entertainment options to match your preferences. Once you are comfortable in your seat, you’ll have access to your favorite TV shows, movies, series, and music on your personal screen. Well, that’s not it; Qatar also provides noise-cancellation headphones that eliminate distractions to enjoy entertainment fully. 

Free Internet or Wifi Access

You are going to have amazing in-flight connectivity options during your journey. With Qatar Airways wifi connectivity, you can browse the internet, check your emails, and stay active on social media sites. Qatar Airways’ in-flight wifi connectivity makes sure that you are not missing out on anything. But you know, while enjoying all the perks, you may have to keep certain things in mind, as Qatar Airways has limitations and charges associated with its usage. 

Delicious Meals and Drinks On Board

When it comes to Qatar Airways business class menu, it offers gourmet dining to its passengers. No matter how high you are flying, you can treat yourself to an array of delightful dishes prepared by top-class chefs. From the minute you step on board, the outstanding staff welcomes you with refreshing beverages of your choice. The menu is designed with various tastes and dietary preferences in mind. Not only this, but the airways also offers wine, alcohol, and other favorable drinks reflected in the beverage list. 

Delicious Meals and Drinks On Board 

Amenity Kits at No Cost 

Talking about the amazing amenity kits passengers receive while flying Qatar Airways Business Class, for which they provide stylish and luxurious products. From earplugs, an eye mask, and a dental kit to skincare products, the airways pack you in such a way that you can pamper yourself throughout your journey. The interesting part of the kit is you can reuse it even after the flight, keeping sustainability in mind and promoting eco-friendly practices.

Extra Baggage Allowance

It often happens that you have to sacrifice your few items, keeping the baggage allowance policies in mind. But as a business class passenger, you will be pleased to know that Qatar Airways offers you the option to carry some extra baggage. The Airways understands that you may need an additional suitcase. Therefore, it provides you with an extra luggage allowance compared to economy class passengers. You can take more checked baggage and carry-on bags than economy class passengers. Remember to check the specific details of your flight to ensure you’re aware of the exact allowances.

Lounge Access

If you are a frequent flier in business class, you might know that access to the lounge is one of the best perks of flying in this cabin. The services offered in the lounge give a luxurious touch to your journey. In Doha, travelers automatically have access to the Al Mourjan Business Lounge. This lounge holds a capacity for up to 1000 passengers, and this premium space develops over two floors. Talking about the endless dining options, including a hot and cold buffet, a sushi counter, and whatnot! You will find scattered food and beverage stations throughout. 

Lounge Access

Trouble-Free Check-in 

Don’t worry about your check-in; flying in business class will first give you the convenience of online check-in. It allows you to complete your check-in from the comfort of your own house or wherever you are. However, in the case of offline check-in, the business class provides a well-designed check-in counter, which is usually separate from economy class counters, offering more personalized and efficient service. In addition to that, one additional advantage of business class is that you get a priority check-in service, which completes your check-in in a faster and more convenient way. 

Priority Boarding 

If you are a business class passenger, you get to enjoy the perk of priority boarding; This allows you to be the first one to enter the aircraft and settle down comfortably before other passengers. Priority boarding is a great way to save your time and make your journey smooth without any trouble. Once you are ready to board, this exclusive service will help you avoid standing in the long lines and provide you with a satisfying boarding experience. So, if you are looking for a luxurious travel experience with priority boarding, the Qatar Airways Business class is a beneficial option.

Steps To Buy Business Class (QSuites) Airfares with Qatar

Booking Business Class or Qsuites with Qatar is a great option for enjoying your journey exceptionally. Now that you are convinced to travel in business class with Qatar Airways. Here’s how you can book it: 

1. Visit the Qatar Airways website or open their mobile app.

2. Select your departure and destination airports, along with your travel dates.

3. Choose the number of passengers and select “Business Class” as your cabin class.

4. Click the “Search Flights” button to see the options and follow the prompts to book. 

You will notice a list of flights that offer business class or Qsuites. As it reflects different prices, flight timings, and other related details, you can make your reservations according to your preferences and budget. 

Steps To Buy Business Class Airfares with Qatar

Book Business Class or QSuites of Qatar Airways with Miles

Apart from directly making a reservation with Qatar to get Business Class airfare, you can also book Business Class or QSuites of Qatar with Miles. Here’s How: 

  1. Qatar Airways Privilege Club

Privilege Club is a way to reward its frequent flyers with various benefits and privileges.  Once you join the Qatar Airways Privilege Club, you can earn Qmiles for every flight you take with Qatar Airways. Passengers redeem these Qmiles for a range of rewards, allowing flight upgrades, extra baggage allowance, and even free flights. This frequent flyer program offers free privilege club membership to its customers. 

  1. British Airways Avios

Avios is a reward currency used by British Airways and its partner airlines. It brought Qatar into the Avios program and made some changes in award rates, taxes, and fees. Traveling with British Airways is an excellent option if you are looking for a simple flight to Doha in Qsuites. You can follow the below steps to learn the use of Avios to book Qsuites:

  • Search for seat availability on British Airways.
  • Transfer your Chase Ultimate Rewards points to British Airways. 
  • Pay with Avios for any taxes and fees entirely online. 
  1. JetBlue TrueBlue

Qatar Airways and JetBlue have been partners since 2013, but their award redemptions were not very beneficial. But JetBlue, being the game changer, started using TrueBlue points to book Qatar Awards. Travelers can visit JetBlue’s website to book awards online. Passengers can use 70,000 TruBlue points one-way to book Qsuites business class, just like they do with the British Airways Avios.

Ways to Upgrade to Qatar’s Business Class

Making an airline upgrade isn’t easy, but knowing about business-class seat upgrades can help you grab a seat. As availability and upgrade fees vary, contact the staff for the most accurate and up-to-date information. To make a successful upgrade, you can follow these steps: 

Check Eligibility

Passengers should ensure their ticket is eligible for an upgrade to business class since many airfares aren’t eligible.

Connect with Qatar Airways

You can connect with Qatar Airways directly through their customer service channels. You can also visit its official website to initiate the upgrade procedure.

Check Out the Availability

Talk to the Qatar Airways representatives about the availability of business class seats on your flight. They will fill you in with the necessary information and guide you through each step of upgradation.

Make Payment of Fare Differences

If you have finally gotten a favorable seat, you must pay the difference between your current ticket and business class fare. The staff will update you with the exact amount and payment options.

After completing your payment, the Qatar Airways squad will process the upgrade and issue you a new ticket for business class.

Per the Qatar Airways business class review, the upgrade cost is expensive. However, many passengers believe that it gives a luxurious experience to their journey. Believe it or not, most passengers say it is worth upgrading. You should go for Qatar Airways Business Class Ticket if you have the means and opportunity. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Qatar Airways Business Class?

Qatar Airways is a good option for giving life to your traveling experience, all thanks to its attentive representatives, who provide you access to the amenities you seek. 

Can I upgrade my economy to business class Qatar Airways?

If a business seat is available and your ticket meets eligibility requirements, you can easily upgrade from economy to business class.

Are Qatar Airways business class worth it?

Qatar Airways business class cabins are worth it, given that passengers get extra services and amenities at zero costs from the airlines not only at the airport but also in flight. 

What are the benefits of flying business class with Qatar?

If you have a business class ticket, you can quickly complete your check-in, access the business lounge, priority boarding, amenity kit (packed with branded products), and more.

Can I get discounts while booking a business class seat with Qatar Airways?

If you are an active member or a frequent flyer of the airways, you can get discounts and exciting offers. 

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