Minute Suites DFW Airport Lounge Reviews

Minute Suites DFW Airport

At the airport, the long layovers, early morning flights, delayed flights, etc., can be very exhausting, and you feel that urge just to lie down and rest. Minute Suites at DFW Airport offers a perfect solution for restless travelers like you. It provides private, comfortable lounges within the airport terminal, allowing you to take that power nap or even get some work done in peace.

With great luck, they don’t charge a bank-breaking fee. While it’s not cheap, it’s a great way to refresh yourself. So next time your trip demands peace, don’t just wait around. Make use of the Minute Suites to relax and feel refreshed before your journey.

About Minute Suites

Minute Suites differ from airport lounges that offer food, drinks, and a view of airplanes. Instead, they focus on giving you privacy, like a small hotel room. The rooms are small and need bathrooms inside, but they are clean and quiet and have a comfortable bed, a desk, and a TV. You can even turn down the lights to relax or sleep briefly. 

They clean the rooms well after each person leaves, so you don’t have to worry about germs from the person who used them before you. Basically, it’s like having your own little clean, quiet space to relax and recharge, all without leaving the airport.

Location Of DFW Airport Minute Suites

The Minute Suites DFW Airport Lounges are open 24/7 at all the terminals at DFW for your convenience. You can check out the details of their locations mentioned below:

  • Minute Suites DFW Terminal A is located near Gate A39. 
  • Minute Suites DFW Terminal D- It is situated near Gate D23.

Amenities Provided At Minute Suites In DFW Airport

You’re fortunate regarding the amenities provided at the Minute Suites at DFW Airport. They offer various options to relax, refresh, and return to business during your layover. From comfy beds to high-speed Wi-Fi, they have it all. Keep reading to learn about all the facilities they offer.

  • Sleep Essentials For Passengers
  1. Daybed or sofa that converts into a bed
  2. Fresh linens and pillows
  • Relaxation & Entertainment
  1. TV with access to streaming services
  2. Sound-masking system to block out noise
  • Work Facilities
  1. Well-Equipped work desk
  2. High-speed Wi-Fi
  3. Power outlets
  • Food & Beverage
  1. Complimentary coffee and tea
  2. Vending machines with snacks and drinks 
  3. Option to order food delivery from airport restaurants
  • Accessibility
  1. Accessible suites available for travelers with disabilities
  • Convenience For Passengers
  1. On-site staff for assistance
  2. Printing services 
  3. Wake-up calls
  • Business Services
  1. Photocopying services 
  2. Meeting rooms 
  • Other Amenities
  • In-room safe
  • Telephone
  • Luggage storage
  • Climate control
  • Flexible booking options 
  • Proximity to gates
  • Private bathroom 
  • Shower facilities

How To Book A Minute Suite at DFW?

There are two ways to secure a Minute Suite at DFW Airport:

  • Online Reservation
  1. Go to the Minute Suites’ official website.
  2. Select the “Locations” tab & choose either “DFW Terminal A” or “DFW Terminal D” as per your preference.
  3. You will then get to see the real-time availability of the suites & pricing.
  4. Proceed with reserving your selected suite & timing.
  • Walk-In Reservation 
  1. Passengers must go directly to the Minute Suites location at Terminal A or Terminal D after arriving at DFW Airport.
  2. Ask the staff about the availability of suites at the reception desk.
  3. If a suite is available, you can book and pay for it directly on-site.

Minute Suites DFW Price To Pay 

If you are looking forward to booking yourself a comfortable suite by Minute Suites, you must know how to get access to it mentioned below:

Pay By The Hour

Minute Suites rents rooms by the hour. Prices can be high, so this is best for short stays. All the cost is here in the table below:

Time (Duration/Hours)Cost/Fees
One hour$55
Every 15 minutes after the first hour$11.25
Every 15 minutes after two hours$8.75
Two hours$110
Three hours$155
Four hours$200
Five hours$245
Six hours$290
Seven hours$335
Eight hours$380
Overnight (eight hours)$195

Use Priority Pass

If you have a Priority Pass credit card, you are lucky, as you will get the first hour free at the Minute Suites DFW Airport Lounges. After that, it’s still cheaper than the regular fees. Here’s what you’ll pay:

TimePriority Pass Cost
One hour$0
One hour and 15 minutes$8.50
One hour and 30 minutes$17
One hour and 45 minutes$25.50
Two hours$34
Two hours and 15 minutes$42.50
Two hours and 30 minutes$51
Two hours and 45 minutes$59.50
Three hours$68
Four hours$102
Five hours$136
Six hours$170
Seven hours$204
Eight hours$238
Overnight (Eight hours)$195

Your Questions Answered

Where are Minute Suites located in DFW Airport?

The Minute Suites are available at DFW airport’s terminals A and B. You can use these suites and enjoy your time at the terminal.

Are there any similar private workspaces available at DFW Airport?

Yes, there are several options for private workspaces at DFW Airport. These may include airline lounges, private work pods, or business centers.

What are minute suites at dfw airport? What amenities do they offer?

Minute suites are private workspaces where comfy convertible daybeds, wifi and internet facility, sound masking, personal climate control, snacks and drinks, etc amenities are available to the passengers. 

Can I book a Minute Suite at another airport near DFW?

Yes, you can book Minute Suites at the other airport as well if they are available there; otherwise, you cannot.

Do I need a reservation to use Minute Suites?

Yes, you must book the suite, especially during peak travel times. Passengers can make their bookings online or via phone.

Is there a minimum booking time for Minute Suites?

Many Minute Suites locations offer minimum booking times, which could be 30 minutes or an hour.

Are Minute Suites suitable for families with children?

While Minute Suites offer privacy, they may be better for families with kids due to the focus on more productivity and quiet environments.

Can I access food and drinks at Minute Suites?

You can grab some light refreshments or have vending machines. But it’s best to check with the specific location first or bring your snacks.

Are there any luggage storage options at DFW Airport?

Yes, DFW Airport offers luggage storage lockers at its terminals.

What if my flight gets delayed?

At times, when there are delays or stopovers, Minute Suites can be a great option for relaxing or working easily.

How much are minute suites at DFW Airport for an hour access?

For spending one hour in the minute suites, passengers are required to pay a sum of $55. 

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