Alaska Airlines Group Travel Reservation

A tour with friends and family sounds like a fantastic idea. Imagine an aura full of love, laughter, joy, and excitement about all the lovely future memories to joke about; however, if the procedure of group air travel booking makes your brain go higgledy-piggledy, worry not! Alaska Airlines goes a long way toward ensuring your comfort and convenience. 

In this regard, assistance with group bookings is not limited to leisure vacations. If you are traveling for business or work, the airline provides services and amenities to suffice your needs for a sophisticated atmosphere. Let’s wrap our heads around the Alaska Airlines Group Travel rules and procedures before embarking on a mind-boggling adventure. 

Variety of Alaska Airlines Group Reservations 

Venturing collectively is a convenient and budget-friendly option when all the members have the same purpose and final destination. Nevertheless, not all group travelers have the exact needs, route course, and timeline. Depending on the passenger’s requirements, Alaska offers three main types of travel reservations. 

Travel Separately 

As the name suggests, when 20 or more tourers depart from various cities but go to one single destination, the authorities offer the “Travel Separately” reservation option. Alaska Airlines group desk staff makes arrangements to present you with the lowest airfares for the concerned itineraries, with maximum discounts. So, when booking tickets from the official website, you can use the ‘discount code.’ 

Benefits of ‘Traveling Separately’ Under a Group Reservation

Why would you want to travel as a group? Well, there are undoubtedly many interesting responses to this curiosity. Check out the list below to learn about the advantages of a ‘Travel Separate’ type of group booking. 

  • A Unique Discount Code allows you huge deductions and the lowest airfares. 
  • Travel Agents and the UDC both allow group bookings.  
  • The extended travel window allows you to travel up to three days before and after the event (e.g., a wedding, business meeting, or a particular function). 
  • This reservation type lets you select the flight timing based on convenience through a flexibility option. 
  • The person who purchases the tickets or manages the bookings earns Tour Conductor Credits for future flights with the airline. 

Travel Together 

Traveling together on Alaska Airlines group reservations refers to bookings when ten or more passengers fly from the same departing and arriving points. The schedule of all passengers must also be the same to fit under this category. Group Desks offers lucrative discounts on this type of booking.

Benefits of Traveling Together

Whether you are flying to an exotic location for a girl’s trip, have an event to attend, or are traveling for business, if the number of passengers goes up to 10, connect with the group desk. Here’s why!

  • You need not pay any deposits until confirmation. 
  • A special fare agreement lets you fetch a guaranteed set base fare. 
  • You can change the passengers’ names as often as possible until three days before departure.
  • Charges may apply if you apply for a name change within three days of departure. 
  • There are no ticking fees for traveling together in a group. 
  • You also get to select seats in advance. 
  • You do not need to fulfill a minimum stay requirement. 
  • ‘Tour Conductor Credits’, proportional to the ticket purchase, are applicable for the manager of ‘Travel Together’ for future flights with the airline. 

Charter A Flight

You can charter an entire flight when the number of passengers flying collectively is quite large. This renders a luxurious, private, and more customized journey, which you can utilize to reduce airport hassles and spend maximum time at your destination. Chartering a flight lets you fly at specific schedules and destinations within the US and internationally to/from Mexico and Canada.

Benefits of Chartering a Flight

Mostly, customers charter flights for organized meetings, destination weddings, and special events. There are so many reasons why chartering a flight can be a much better option for you than booking multiple first-class tickets for a considerable number of passengers.

  • You have an entire plane to yourselves with amenities and staff of your choosing. 
  • Schedule the travels on your terms and plans. 
  • You can select departures and arrival points from standard terminals or private airports. 
  • An all-inclusive price lets you lock in for all services, including journey, fuel, and in-flight meal menus. 

Terms and Conditions of Group Travel with Alaska Airlines

You must know that even after making your reservations under the group travel category, you must pay the Base Fare (the actual price of the airfare), which is exclusive of all taxes and additional charges. If you make changes to the reservation when ticketing, you must at least pay the base fare amount. 

DiscountsAvailable on Selected Flights
Requirements Ten or more passengers One-way or round-trip
Reservation Window 
11 months advance booking The complete itinerary must conclude within 11 months of the booking. 
Reservation Changes Passengers can swap seats with the other/new members if they can not travel. Up to 72 hours after departure, passengers can change their names in the bookings. Within 72 hours of the departure, you may have to pay for each name you wish to change. 
TicketingComplete the ticketing 60 days before your departure for 48 lower states of the USA, Alaska, or Canada) Ticketing starts 90 days prior to the departure for Hawai’i, Central American nations, and Mexico.
RefundAfter ticketing, you can not get the refunds. However, you may earn some flight credits for future travels within a period of 1 year.  

Group Excursions for Weddings

Your dreams for a destination wedding come true with Alaska Airlines’ group booking facility. Group bookings can be in either the ‘travel separately’ or ‘travel together’ categories. Select any location in the US, Mexico, or Canada for your magical nuptial backdrop, from the sandy beaches of Hawaii to the Vintage cities in Mexico. Alaska Airlines can transfer your guests along with the lacy, delicate bridal gown like a pro!

The group desk offers exceptional discounts for wedding reservations by providing a Unique discount code. All your guests can use this code to make their reservations. 

Additional Facts:

  • Other facilities include the option to extend the travel window. Under this category, you can fly three days before and after the event. 
  • The guests can choose the days of their choosing for their travels. 
  • Change the names unlimited times until three days before the departure. 
  • Paid name change options are available for those who want to update the details within three days of departure. 
  • When traveling together in a wedding group reservation, you do not have to pay for ticketing, and there is no minimum stay requirement. 
  • Passengers have advanced seat selection options for their favorite aisle, window seat, or exit row. 

Trips Associated with Meetings and Convention

Are you heading on business travel? Do you have plenty of employees and partners to tag along? Prepare a flight that takes you all at the same time and destination for the convection. If the members are not departing from the city, reach out to the Group Desk to plan a ‘travel separately’ booking. The attendees can pick the itinerary based on convenience, flexibility, and budget. 

Traveling from certain cities may earn you additional discounts besides the ones you already get. Moreover, the number of ticket purchases earns tour conductor credit for future flights with Alaska Airlines. If you want to ‘travel together’ but are unsure which itinerary would suit all associates best, get in touch with the desk using the phone number and plan under their guidance.

Flying for a Special Event in a Group? Check!

There are zillion reasons why people would want to fly in a group: birthday parties, Anniversaries, Inauguration ceremonies, school reunions, extended family vacations, and many more! Whatever the reason for your mass getaway may be, Alaska Airlines has got your back. From hefty offers to seat selection options, name change options, and flexible schedules, passenger convenience comes first. Tour conductor credits are also an excellent opportunity to earn while you spend. Here’s how!

Tour Conductor Credits

Bringing loads of people together to venture for a purpose in a specific location takes effort. Therefore, Alaska Air Group Travel rewards the organizers of these reservations by presenting them with “Tour Conductor Credits.” A coordinator earns credits proportional to the number of purchased tickets from the same group. 

As there are two categories of group bookings, except the charter flight, the credit rules are also different for both. 

After every 40 bookings under the group code, you will earn a round-trip flight.You will earn a round-trip flight after every 30 passengers in the group reservation. 

Insider’s Tip for an Even Better Group Travel Experience 

Large groups of people flying to a particular location at the same time require management skills, time, and some quick tips. So, if you are making a group travel with Alaska Airlines, below is the exclusive advice you cannot miss out on. 

  • Advanced planning: List the when, where, and who ASAP to streamline and simplify your process to an exceptional level. 
  • Flexibility can gain you grounds in terms of saving big time and finding the short routes. 
  • Bookings on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Saturdays help you discover group travel discounts. 
  • Your best bet is destinations with multiple itineraries daily. This increases your chances of finding available flights. 
  • Do not overestimate the traveling group’s size. Keep the number of tickets fixed; overbooking will only result in a loss of money. 
  • Select dates that are less traveled. Avoid Christmas, thanksgiving, and national holidays) Getting an itinerary these days is quite difficult, while discounts are next to impossible. 
Alaska Airlines Group Travel Phone Number1 800 445 4435
Working Hours 6 am to 6 pm (Monday to Friday)7:30 am to 6:00 pm (Saturday)Sunday- Off
Book a Group Travel 
Official Website 


How can I contact Alaska Airlines for group travel?

Alaska Airlines has a group desk that deals with the reservations of ten or more passengers traveling for the same destination as a group. 

What is Alaska airline’s group travel phone number?

You can call at 1-800-445-4435 during the working hours to arrange a group reservation.

Can I get discounts for group reservations for a destination wedding?

Yes. Alaska Airlines offers discounts for group reservations for destination weddings. 

When is the best time to talk to the Alaska Air Group travel desk?

The staff is available to pick up your calls between 6 a.m. and 6 p.m. on weekdays. On Saturdays, the staff is approachable from 7:30 a.m. until 6 p.m., and on Sundays, the office is closed. 

How soon should I book tickets for a group booking?

The sooner, the better. For group travel, the perfect time to book a flight is at least 11 months before departure.

Can I change the passengers’ names for an Alaska Airlines group booking?

Yes. You can change the passengers’ names free of cost until three days before the departure. After that, only the paid name change option is available. 

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