Frontier Airlines GoWild Pass

Frontier Airlines, a budget-friendly airline, is renowned worldwide for its ultra-low-cost flights and hassle-free travel. It is headquartered in Denver, Colorado. This airline operates flights to over 31 international destinations and around 31 local flights in the United States.

To up the game in the world of flights and offer hassle-free travel, Frontier has developed a very innovative and unique game-changer, the GoWild Pass. Its subscription provides unlimited flights with a very budget-friendly monthly fee. This pass by Frontier Airlines has grabbed a lot of attention worldwide, and people are very intrigued by its service.

Here, we will discuss a few more details about the Frontier Airlines GoWild Pass and the potential benefits, features, and drawbacks that will help you make the best choice for your next travel plan.

Features Of The GoWild Pass

Now, let’s dive deep into the GoWild Pass’s features and services. This pass is a subscription with a monthly fee that allows travelers to take unlimited flights anywhere in the United States and internationally without any blackout dates. Travelers don’t have to worry about fluctuating flight prices and can easily travel anytime. This particular feature has turned a lot of heads among budget-conscious people from around the world.

The GoWild Pass is the best deal for all frequent flyers, as this subscription offers many other perks that enhance the overall travel experience. With GoWild Pass, one will have priority in the boarding process; ticket change fees will be waived, and this is not it, as it also allows travelers to take one carry-on bag with one personal item at no extra cost.

All these additional features make the GoWild Pass a first choice for all frequent travelers, as they can easily navigate the skies with excellent benefits and the best travel experience.

Advantages of the GoWild Pass

Advantages of the GoWild Pass

One of the most important and attractive benefits of the GoWild Pass is its cost-friendly flights, which help save a lot of bucks, and unlimited flights with a monthly subscription fee. It is the best option for all the frequent flyers who travel with Frontier Airlines, as they can easily travel without any hassle in the ticket arrangement or travel schedule. 

Business people, content creators, and especially travel vloggers take advantage of this pass, as they can easily travel anywhere without worrying much about the number of flights or their budget. 

The freedom to conveniently book unlimited flights without hassle is a huge plus point of this pass. People can easily book last-minute flights, plan unlimited trips within a month, and explore different destinations without worrying too much about their budget.

How To Get a Subscription to the GoWild Pass?

To avail of the GoWild Pass services and become a subscriber, visit Frontier Airlines’ official website and scroll to the GoWild pass section. After that, you can follow the prompts to get a subscription within no time but don’t forget to look at the T&C and limitations. If you need help getting a GoWild subscription, you can get help directly from Frontier Airlines.

Associated Cost and Pricing 

Now that you are convinced to buy a GoWild Pass for your travels with Frontier, you must check out how much it is going to cost your wallet. 

SUMMER PASS: May 1, 2024 – Sept 30, 2024

Limited Time Offer: $399/yr

Automatically Renews at $499/yr

ANNUAL PASS: May 1, 2024 – April 30, 2025

Limited Time Offer: $599/yr

Automatically Renews at $599/yr

MONTHLY PASS: Valid for 30 days after purchase

Limited Time Offer: First month $50 + $99 enrollment fee

Automatically Renews at $149 monthly

The GoWild Pass: Drawbacks 

With many pros come a few cons, too. This pass is unsuitable for the occasional traveler or those who prefer other airlines. It fits best for all the frequent travelers who prefer Frontier Airlines and are flexible with their travel schedules. The subscription is only valid for Frontier Airlines flights, and one has to be flexible with their travel plans and destinations.

Subscribers need to have a flexible travel plan, as the GoWild pass does not always guarantee the tickets and depends only on the availability of the flight tickets. In peak travel season, the subscribers can face a problem with immediate ticket booking, and thus, this is a significant drawback of this pass.

Is GoWild Pass Worth The Hype?

After the discussion, the GoWild Pass is a real game-changer for all travelers by offering an array of benefits, including unlimited flights, hassle-free tickets, prior boarding, and waived ticket change fees. 

The choice is yours to decide whether Frontier Airlines’ GoWild Pass is worth it. But for now, we can say that it is a boon for all the frequent travelers who are spontaneous and love to explore the world, as this GoWild Pass is a golden ticket for you to navigate the skies.


What is the Frontier Airlines GoWild Pass?

The Frontier Airlines GoWild Pass is a subscription allowing travelers to book unlimited flights to many destinations with a monthly fee valid for a certain period.

How does GoWild Pass work?

All the subscribers can book unlimited flights with the GoWild pass to all the destinations that come under Frontier Airlines and take advantage of hassle-free ticket booking. However, the last-minute ticket booking facility is only sometimes available during peak travel season.

Which destinations come under the Go Wild Pass? 

All routes under the Frontier Airlines network are the destinations one can travel to using the Go Wild Pass.

What are the limitations of the Frontier Airlines GoWild Pass?

The pass has several limitations, including the probable unavailability of flight tickets on blackout dates or during peak travel season. The pass neither guarantees a confirmed ticket on these days nor to specific routes not included in the GoWild Pass.

What is the cost of the GoWild Pass?

The monthly cost of the GoWild Pass is $0 for the first month, with an enrollment fee of $49 and $149 afterward. The annual subscription cost is $1999.

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