Ethiopian Airlines Baggage Allowance – Pack Smartly & Enjoy

Ethiopian Airlines Baggage Allowance

Are you planning a trip with Ethiopian Airlines? Ethiopian Airlines baggage allowance information will help you decide what to pack and how to avoid overpacking by knowing the exact allowed limit in the cabin and checked baggage. Passengers traveling in an Economy Class can carry up to a maximum of one cabin bag with not more than 15 lbs (7 kg) of baggage weight. In addition, travelers can carry a personal item/handbag and a garment bag. There are many things Ethiopian Airlines offers in baggage allowance that you’ll love to know about!

Carry On Baggage Allowance

Travelers can easily carry almost everything they want and love to carry while traveling. This is because of the impressive Ethiopian carry on baggage allowance, which has enough space for everything. One can carry up to 15 lbs (7 kg) of baggage weight in an Economy Class. 

Ethiopian Airlines baggage allowance also allows passengers to carry one personal item, a garment bag, and cabin luggage. The allowed maximum size dimension of the luggage must be under 45 x 35 x 20 cm. The dimensions of the personal item and garment bag must be under 55 x 38 x 20 cm and 20 cm, respectively. 

Similarly, Business Class passengers can carry up to 2 cabin bags with a maximum allowed weight of 15 lbs (7 kg) each and size dimension of 45 x 35 x 20 cm. A personal item and a garment bag can also be carried along with a cabin bag. The size of personal items must be under 55 x 38 x 20 cm, and garment bags must be under 20 cm. 

Passengers holding Star Alliance Gold membership and traveling in First or Business Class can carry up to 2 pieces of cabin luggage with not more than 15 lbs (7 kg) of baggage weight each. The maximum size dimension must not exceed 23 x 40 x 55 cm for each piece. 


  • Free carry-on items must not exceed the weight limit of 5 kg. 
  • These carry-on items include a handbag, pocket book, laptop, overcoat, wrap, miniature camera, infant’s food, duty-free items, etc. 

Prohibited Items

Various items are considered prohibited goods and cannot be carried as carry-on luggage. These items include sharp objects, highly flammable substances, explosives, poison, and other hazardous items. The airline has restricted guidelines for carrying all these items as luggage. Many items are completely banned, and some are partially prohibited. 

Note: Ensure that all valuable items such as jewelry, cash, travel documents, and other certificates are carried inside the baggage to avoid loss.

Checked Baggage Allowance

If the cabin luggage is not enough, Ethiopian Airlines offers a free checked baggage policy allowing you to carry larger luggage than a carry-on bag. Passengers can carry up to 62 inches (158 cm) of bag, including handles and wheels. The allowed maximum weight must not exceed 50 lbs (23 kg). Excess baggage is allowed but must not exceed the overall limit of 70 lbs (32 kg). The excess baggage charges will be applicable. 

Excess Baggage Policy

Have you packed more than the allowed limit? Don’t worry; Ethiopian Airlines baggage policy allows passengers even if they packed more than the free baggage limit. However, the extra baggage charges will be applicable. The excess baggage charges apply to the luggage depending on the destination booked. The airline doesn’t reveal the exact fees, but you can directly contact the airline’s staff to learn the actual charges for excess baggage. 

There are several ways to add extra luggage to your baggage allowance. You can redeem your Shebamiles, add the extra luggage when making a reservation, add through the online option after booking, or call the airline’s office. 

Ethiopian Airlines Special Baggage Policy

Many items are considered special luggage in almost every airline. These items are usually larger in size, shape, specification, and weight and cannot easily carried as luggage. That is why the airline offers passengers a special baggage allowance so they can carry all the special luggage without any hassle. The special items include sports equipment, musical instruments, pets, weapons, or any other restricted items. 

The Sports Equipment Baggage allowance in Ethiopian Airlines covers everything whether you are a sportsperson or love to play sports. Ethiopian Airlines considers Sports equipment an exception, as it is larger and much heavier. The airline accepts these items with a “Heavy” label. Ensure that any sporting equipment does not exceed an overall weight of 46 kg; an applicable charge may apply to the item. Additionally, if any item weighs more than 46 kg, the airline may transport it as cargo. The table below shows the sporting equipment and the fees applicable to them:

Baggage Fees for Special Items

Not all the items can be carried free of charge, and Ethiopian Airlines baggage fees must be paid when booking special baggage. Table below shows the approximate prices of the special items:

Sports EquipmentFees (USD)Description
Scuba, Angling or Diving Equipment80a diving mask, snorkel, fins, wetsuit, BCD-jacket, regulator, an empty tank bottle, a lamp (switched off, energy source separately packed, covered removed battery to avoid damage)
Horse Riding Equipment80a saddle, a set of horse harnesses, a horsewhip, a pair of riding boots, a bareback pad, 1 set of polo sticks
Inline-skates80a pair of inline skates, a set of body protection (knee, arms, etc.), and a Helmet
Bowling Equipment80a bowling bag, a bowling ball, a pair of shoes
Hockey equipment80a hockey bag, hockey sticks, a pair of ice skates, a set of body protection (knee, arms, etc.), a helmet
Tennis-/ Squash-/ Badminton-Equipment80a set of rackets and balls properly packed inside a bag
Snow skiing Equipment100a pair of skis, a pair of poles, a pair of boots, a Helmet
Golfing Equipment100One set of golf clubs in a golf bag, golf balls and tees, a pair of golf shoes
Bicycle-Bike100a regular bike (no motor or e-bike) or a special children’s trolley to use with a bike or a one-wheel bike
Kite surfboard100a kite, a board
Archery equipment100Bows and Arrows packed in a durable protective container
Parachuting/Paragliding equipment100A set of Parachute Equipment properly packed in its original packaging or container
Sporting/Hunting Weapons plus Ammunition100Sporting/Hunting guns, pistols, rifles, plus ammunition (Both must be packed in a separate container)
Javelins100A set of Javelin
Fishing equipment100A tackle box, a haversack, an angler’s basket, a rod, a bag, or a box
Skateboard100a board, a set of body protection (knee, arms, etc.), a helmet
Alpinist equipment/Hiking/walking100a backpack, an ice pick, a pair of climbing irons, 1 pair of poles
Fencing Equipment1001 bag including helmet, fencing uniform, and fencing sword
Wave board100a board, a set of body protection (knee, arms, etc.), a helmet
Wakeboard100a wakeboard
Waterski Equipment100a pair of water ski or a slalom water ski
Snowboard100a snowboard, a pair of boots, a helmet
Surf boarding Equipment200A surfboard (up to 3m)
Windsurfer, Ski BOB200a board, a sail, a boom, a mast, a gear bag
Hang Gliding Equipment200a set of hang-gliding equipment packed in a container
Canoe, Kayak200a canoe or a kayak (no motor attached); 1 set of paddles
Vaulting Poles200a set of vaulting poles packed in a container
Boogie board/Bodyboard200A bodyboard
Longboard200A longboard (exceeding 2m)
Rubber dinghy/boat200a rubber dinghy (no motor attached); 1 set of paddles


  • Passengers must be aware that the airline will collect the excess baggage charge for any sporting equipment in the local currency of the departure place. 
  • 3 criteria must be appropriately followed to transport the sporting equipment for free on Ethiopian Airlines flights.
    • The maximum linear size dimension must not exceed 62 inches (158 cm).
    • The maximum weight of sporting equipment must not exceed 23 kg even if you are carrying 2 pieces of bags. 
    • Only 1 checked baggage must be carried, and sports equipment will be carried as your 2nd luggage.
  • Jet Skis are completely banned from being carried.

Musical Instruments

Do you love to carry your musical instruments wherever you go? If so, then we have great news for you. Ethiopian Airlines baggage allowance allows you to carry your musical instrument as carry-on luggage inside the cabin if it follows the maximum carry-on size dimension of not more than 23 x 40 x 55 cm

The airline offers passengers a block seat baggage service to carry fragile and bulky items inside the baggage compartment. This service assures the passengers that their valuable items are kept safe and secure. Here is a list of items that are eligible for block seat baggage service:

  • Base viol and cello
  • Musical instruments other than normal-sized stringed instruments
  • Typewriters
  • TV sets
  • Radios
  • Electronics Instruments
  • Cosmetic Cases
  • Tape recorders
  • Cameras and related equipment
  • Pictures and paintings
  • Courier / Diplomatic Bag

Note: Make sure that all the luggage is within the allowed limit. If any baggage is available that is too large and bulky, the airline may refuse to keep the item. 

Traveling with Pets

Many passengers ask whether the airline allows pets to travel with them. You will be happy to know that Ethiopian baggage policy allows your four-legged companion to travel with you under some restricted guidelines. The airline states that they only accept cats and dogs inside the cabin as pets, with a maximum number of 2 pets inside the Economy Class and 1 in the Business Class Compartment. Ensure that the pets are carried inside their carriage/kennel with a maximum size dimension of not more than 55 x 40 x 20 cm and a combined maximum allowed weight of 8 kg, including the pet and the container. 

If any passengers carry a pet carriage larger than the allowed size and weight, the airline may refuse to keep it inside the cabin, and it will then be carried as a checked or on hold. Service and guide dogs are allowed to travel for free, having adequately harnessed and muzzled inside the cabin without a person having any hearing or visual disability. Ensure that all the valid documents and certificates are available to avoid hassle. All the health documents must be available not older than a year, showing that the pet can travel. 

Ethiopian Airlines Common Cage Size and Weight
Cage NameExternal Dimensions (inches)External Dimensions (centimeters)Cage Weight
Small21 x 16 x 1553 x 41 x 387 lbs (3 kg)
Medium27 x 20 x 1969 x 51 x 4813 lbs (6 kg)
Intermediate33 x 22 x 2384 x 56 x 5818 lbs (8 kg)
Large36 x 24 x 2691 x 61 x 6624 lbs (11 kg)
Extra Large40 x 27 x 30102 x 69 x 7632 lbs (15 kg)
Giant48 x 32 x 35122 x 81 x 8951 lbs (23 kg)

Ethiopian Airlines Infant Baggage Allowance

Passengers traveling with an infant are allowed to carry up to a maximum of 10 kg of free baggage allowance. The free luggage includes a collapsible stroller or pram, which can be carried inside the cabin depending on the space availability.

In case of a flight to or from the US and Canada: If the infant is traveling without occupying a seat by paying 10% of the fare amount will be eligible to carry up to a maximum of one checked bag having not more than 50 lbs (23 kgs). Additionally, the linear maximum size dimension of the luggage must not exceed 45 inches (115 cm), excluding the fully collapsible stroller.

Cremated Remains

Ethiopian Airlines allows passengers to carry cremated human remains as a checked cabin bag. However, there are various restrictions, and travelers must be aware to follow the guidelines to avoid any hassle:

  • Travelers must inform the airlines about the cremated remains before the schedule flight departure.
  • In addition, the passengers must inform and get permission from the embassy of the destination country to carry the cremated human remains into the country. 
  • Ensure that the ashes inside a sealed plastic bag must be placed in the travel container.
  • The person carrying cremated remains must secure the cremation certificate, death certificate, and deceased person’s passport.
  • Ensure that all the documents and certificates are translated into the local language so local authorities can easily understand them, irrespective of their original language. 
  • Passengers must check in early so the authorities can complete all the formalities to carry the remains. 

Restricted Items

Various daily usable items are considered the most dangerous goods that may cause severe injury to other passengers if used directly in almost every airline. That is why the airline is partially or completely restricted to carrying these items in a cabin, checked luggage, or both. Passengers must pack their bags by keeping the restricted baggage policy in mind to avoid any issues at the airport. Here is a list of items that are restricted or completely banned from carrying:

Dangerous ItemsCarry-On LuggageChecked Baggage
Sporting EquipmentNoYes
Sharp Pointed ObjectsNoYes
Flammable LiquidsNoNo

Batteries: Not all the batteries can be carried as a luggage. Passengers must be aware of the exact limitation and allowance to carry lithium batteries or spare batteries to carry inside the checked or cabin luggage:

BatteriesBetween 100 (2g) and 160-watt hours (Max. 2)Up to 100-watt hours (2g)Greater Than 160-watt hour
Carry-On BagsChecked BagsCarry-On BagsCarry-On Bags
Spare Lithium BatteriesYesNoYesNoNA
Lithium BatteriesYesYesYesYesNA
Spillable BatteriesNoNoNANANA

Wind Up

Ethiopian Airlines understands that your luggage is your best friend on any trip. You don’t have to feel a lack of things that are needed. That is why the airline offers an impressive baggage policy that almost covers everything for everyone. Ethiopian Airlines baggage allowance allows you to carry enough luggage and checked baggage. The airline ensures that every passenger can travel stress-free by providing a special baggage allowance covering sports equipment, musical instruments, pets, and infants. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the 2pc baggage allowance for Ethiopian Airlines?

Ethiopian Airlines allows you to carry up to a maximum of 2 checked bags with not more than 50 lbs (23 kg) of baggage allowance in an Economy Class. For Business Class, travelers can carry up to 2 pieces of checked luggage with a maximum allowed weight of 70 lbs (32 kg). Ensure that the maximum allowed size of the bag does not exceed 62 inches (158 cm) for each bag. 

How much luggage is allowed in Ethiopia?

Ethiopian Airlines allows passengers to carry up to 2 checked bags of 23 kg each in an Economy Class.

How much is an extra 23kg of baggage from Ethiopian Airlines International?

Passengers carrying any extra bag above the free baggage allowance can keep their luggage after paying nominal extra baggage fees. The airline allows travelers to carry luggage of more than 23 kg but less than 70 lbs (32 kg) by charging an amount of USD 60 for each bag. 

How much does Ethiopian Airlines charge for extra kg?

Ethiopian Airlines charges an amount of USD 100 for luggage above 23 kgs up to 32 kg in an Economy Class. 

How strict is Ethiopian Airlines carry-on?

Ethiopian Airlines recommends that passengers strictly follow the carry-on baggage allowance for Economy Class travelers, which is one cabin bag with a maximum weight of not more than 7 kg. The maximum linear size dimension must not exceed 46 inches (118 cm)

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